IT Service Management

Design ITSM processes in a meaningful and successful way

ITSM presents you with a variety of challenges: reducing IT costs, optimizing processes, improving service quality, integrating services in a meaningful way, achieving business-IT alignment and ensuring IT compliance: with innovative solutions, intelligent practice-proven strategies and state-of-the-art products FROX helps you achieve your goals step-by-step.


Digital Transformation

Increase agility and take advantage of business opportunities

What trends and developments do you have to follow to ensure your long-term competitiveness? A meaningful digital transformation requires a plan of action that is precisely tailored to your degree of digital maturity and the customer needs. With FROX you get off to a good clean start, stay always one step ahead and master every stage with the best time.

Agile, stable, goal-oriented: That's how we proceed


Knowing your challenges and goals is the main prerequisite for all further steps. Our experts listen to you!


After the analysis of your situation, we compare different success models and adapt the ideal for your requirements model to your business.


We explain proven and innovative solutions, advise you on the basis of sound practical experience and design a tailor-made concept for you.


Fast Live Going: We start immediately with the implementation and then optimize your solution in several efficient steps.


We are there for you after the implementation as well.

Would you like a personal consultation?

You would like to optimize your ITSM? Or start your digital transformation and take advantage of the related business opportunities? Then, I will show you how you can now take and consequently go along the right path.

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Jonas Büchel

Senior Solution Architekt

FROX Topics & Trends

ITSM and digital transformation in the real business environment: Frequent tasks and scenarios in which we accurately support you with innovative solution concepts - fast, flexible, sustainable.

Quick start with focus on the finish line

Our agile approach corresponds to the new, quick rhythm of the digital transformation: Instead of investing months or years in the planning and development of a solution, we get going right away. Our experts analyze with the client the challenges and needs, translate new innovative ideas in a sustainable concept – and implement an initial functional solution within the shortest timeframes. Directly thereafter follows the further development and optimization in multiple efficient steps.