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Digitalization of the Naturalization Process in the Canton of Zurich

Digitalization of the Naturalization Process in the Canton of Zurich

How the Canton of Zurich processes electronic naturalization applications without media discontinuity and simplifies cooperation with the communes

«eNaturalization is a big step on the way to digitalization in the Canton of Zurich. With the workflow solution from FROX AG, we have a stable and well-functioning application for case processing, which we are constantly developing further. FROX is a very reliable and flexible partner that we value greatly.»

Deniz Danaci

Deniz Danaci

Head of Naturalization Department

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

In the Canton of Zurich, 7,500 naturalization applications are submitted each year. The clarifications are time-consuming and are carried out by the cantonal municipal office, the municipalities concerned and the federal government. The processing of a naturalization application is lengthy and takes an average of 18 months. Until now, applications were submitted as physical dossiers and had to be distributed and processed organizationally. Keeping track of the ongoing cases and knowing the status of the processing at all times was a major challenge. An integrated workflow solution was to support all persons involved in the process with electronic dossier processing and enable processing without media discontinuity.


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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

Applications for naturalization are processed electronically in the new digital specialist application for naturalization. The procedures of ordinary naturalization, facilitated naturalization and the release from civil rights are supported. Applicants submit their applications for regular naturalization via the ZHservices platform. They are automatically transferred to the specialist application for naturalization. The canton and the 160 communes then process the applications seamlessly according to the need-to-know principle. Only the federal government has not yet been integrated into the solution. Here the dossiers are transmitted outside the system. Most of the information in the application is in the form of structured data instead of documents. This allows maximum flexibility in the electronic processing of the information and minimizes the required storage space and thus the associated costs.

A simplification for the user is the automated triggering of standardized correspondence to applicants or third parties. The necessary information is also obtained from third-party registers via interfaces or via RPA. The overview of the application, the status of the application and pending tasks in the individual application can be viewed in the new system by everyone involved at any time – according to the authorization profile. The up-to-date and consistent database enables the municipal office to provide a high level of information and fine-meshed and flexible reporting.


Advantages for the Municipal Office of the Canton of Zurich:

Service FROX AG


What services have we provided?

As the digitalization partner of the Municipal Office of the Canton of Zurich, FROX helped to design and develop this innovative naturalization solution. Thanks to the high level of expertise and great commitment of all parties involved, this challenging project was successfully introduced ahead of schedule.


Our services for the Municipal Office of the Canton of Zurich:

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