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IoT Platform

IoT Platform

How a leading industrial company repositions itself in the market

Increased transparency

Reduction of service costs

Quality enhancement

«We use the opportunities of the digital transformation to offer our customers and business partners more and more services and additional benefits. Five years ago, we entered into a valuable partnership with FROX AG and BMC Software. Together, the ambitious IoT project was implemented and our services were enhanced by a digital platform.»


Technology company in the field of building automation

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

Our customer focuses on automation solutions for buildings. Millions of sensors, detectors and building management devices are used for the safety, comfort and efficiency of buildings. To realign itself in the market as a service provider for building management, an IoT platform was needed. With this platform, employees should be able to access all available end devices online and retrieve service-relevant information.


  • Realignment as a service provider for facility management
  • IoT platform needed for device monitoring
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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

Thanks to the cloud-based IoT platform, the status of each end device can now be checked and the reliability of the services provided can be increased. Our customer thus shows more transparency, significantly reduces its service costs by saving expensive on-site visits, increases the quality of its work and expands its service portfolio enormously. As a result our customer is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the market and can offer its end customers real added value.


Service FROX AG


What services have we provided?

The project consisted of two central tasks, which we tackled in collaboration with a team from BMC Software. In the first step, all devices and their configuration data had to be captured, modeled and mapped in a binding data structure. With an expected volume of 2.5 billion configuration items (CIs), it had to be ensured at the same time that employees could continue to draw data from them for day-to-day business. Once the data and service structure had been defined, they were transferred to the CMDB. It was important to ensure that different departments, such as service desks, could work with this data. In the second step, monitoring was developed with BMC TrueSight so that over 100,000 devices can be accessed and their status checked, and incidents automatically recorded. This enables active monitoring of devices in individual building rooms.


  • Digital strategy
    • Consulting and support on the path to digital transformation
    • Development of an individual digitization concept and action plan
  • Internet of Things
  • System integration
Technologie Integration FROX AG

Platforms & technology

Which platforms and technologies did we use?

  • BMC Software

Technologie Integration FROX AG


Which topics/modules does the solution include?

  • Process Digitalization
    • CMDB
    • TrueSight
  • Internet of Things

Technologie Integration FROX AG


For which industry was the solution developed?

  • Building Technology

Structure IoT platform building technology

  • IoT Platform

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