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Internet of Things solutions

We help identify the IoT potential for your business and use smart devices to expand your service portfolio.

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What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the networking of physical objects that can communicate with each other and with the internet using technologies such as sensors and software, and exchange data in the process. Thanks to the Internet of Things, devices can act and interact autonomously. This results in numerous applications and services, such as smart homes, autonomous driving cars, health monitoring, online tracking of deliveries or maintenance of production machines.


IoT can increase efficiency and productivity, ensure quality, simplify life and work, improve customer experiences, reduce operating costs and open up new business models. The simple and seamless connection of the physical world with the digital world helps companies achieve rapid value creation. Even after a short period of time, IoT projects deliver measurable successes, so as developments in this area continue, the added value of IoT projects is realized more and more quickly.

Improve service quality and business processes

Smart devices and machines can be used to control processes and collect measurement data to draw conclusions on service and process quality.

  • Analyze the process data systematically to identify weak points at an early stage, and take proactive measures (e.g., predictive maintenance).
  • Use real-time information to provide a fast response (e.g., optimized use in the field).
  • Increase customer satisfaction through higher service quality (e.g., remote problem solving).
  • Optimize your processes through the increased use of IoT. Examine the use of new technological possibilities (e.g., consideration of new sensors in product development).
Service-Qualität und Geschäftsprozesse verbessern IoT Internet of Things FROX AG

Obtain valuable insights from data

Smart devices and machines permanently collect data providing access to new information.

  • Constantly check that you are collecting and measuring the right data.
  • Invest in data analysis and observe usage behavior.
  • Use the insights gained to optimize processes or develop new services.
Wertvolle Erkenntnisse aus Daten gewinnen IoT Internet of Things FROX AG

Increase innovative potential

IoT is a key success factor in the digital transformation of businesses. It acts as an accelerator and offers the opportunity to strengthen or expand one’s own business model.

  • Do you know what your customers want? Learn directly from your customers!
  • Review your service portfolio: Look for new value propositions for your customers through the possibilities of IoT.
  • Question your business model: Do new approaches and market opportunities arise for your business using IoT?
  • Keep an open mind! Get sparring partners to identify and assess the potential.
Innovationskraft steigern IoT Internet of Things FROX AG

What our customers say

"We use the opportunities of the digital transformation to offer our customers and business partners more and more services and additional benefits. Five years ago, we entered into a valuable partnership with FROX AG and BMC Software. Together, the ambitious IoT project was implemented and our services were enhanced by a digital platform."

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Technology company in the field of building automation

IoT journey

From smart products to new business models: We support you on your way – from start to finish.

Step 1
Intelligente Produkte IoT Internet of Things FROX AG
Intelligent products

Devices are equipped with sensors and collect data. This is the basis for any IoT business case.

Step 2
Geräte vernetzen IoT Internet of Things FROX AG
Connect devices

Smart devices are connected and can send and exchange collected data in real time.

Step 3
Service Management IoT Internet of Things FROX AG
Service management

IoT devices and infrastructure become an integral part of service management. SLAs, events, and assets are transparent.

Step 4
Daten analysieren IoT Internet of Things FROX AG
Analyze data

Measurement data is collected and evaluated at all relevant points along the value chain to identify potential for improvement.

Step 5
Prozesse optimieren IoT Internet of Things FROX AG
Optimize processes

Processes are continuously optimized based on insights gained. Cost efficiency is improved and service quality increased.

Step 6
Neue Geschäftsmodelle IoT Internet of Things FROX AG
New business models

New services can be created through the Internet of Things. These can be used to strengthen or expand business models.

Internet of Things: Success factors

IoT offers a real growth opportunity for many businesses. However, in order to get there, one must be prepared to reassess and adapt business and business processes.

Use data for new business models

Analyze collected IoT data and optimize your processes. Review your business model and look for new innovative digital services for your customers.

Increase know-how
  • Using new technologies requires know-how and new skills. What skills do you have in your team and which do you need to develop in the future?
  • Invest in the know-how and further development of your employees – in the areas of technology as well as process management and data analyses.
  • Build up missing skills from experienced partners in the market to be on the ball technologically and reduce your risks.
Start NOW!

Practical experience beats theoretical knowledge hands down. Build a network of partners to support you in your first steps in the Internet of Things.

  • Start small and manageable and gather experience to expand your IoT projects.
  • Work with prototypes and test whether they meet customer needs and create added value.
  • Define the customer benefits first and then clarify the technological issues.


We work with leading platforms in the areas of service management and process digitization and automation to overcome your challenges and increase efficiency and productivity in your company.

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Dr. Hanspeter Seiler, Head of Digitalization, FROX AG

Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Head of Digitalization

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