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Service Desk Seamlessly Integrated Without Media Disruption

Service Desk Seamlessly Integrated Without Media Disruption

How Mobiliar Insurances seamlessly integrates service desk and development departments without media disruptions


of tickets are processed on time


reduction of undealt tickets


increase of SLA compliance of tickets

«The new integration allows us a much simpler and more efficient connection from the service desk to internal development. The implementation and rollout of the project was delivered by FROX on time and within budget and has already led to visible and noticeable improvements in our processes shortly after implementation.»

Brigitte Stettler

Brigitte Stettler

Product Owner Customer Empowerment

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

Previously, when the service desk at die Mobiliar created a ticket due to a reported malfunction or error, the development departments were informed by e-mail that a ticket had been assigned to them. The information from BMC Remedy was then manually transferred to a Jira Task for further processing and closure. This resulted in inconsistent content and delay in processing the tickets.


Project goals:

  • Implementation of an interface between BMC Remedy and Jira
  • Prevent media disruptions between systems without having to leave the tools
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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

The solution based on the FROX ITSM-JIRA Connector ensures data synchronization between the two systems. The service desk is aware of the current status, due to the forwarding of incident descriptions and workarounds and can provide information about it. If delays become apparent, it is possible to intervene and react in good time.


Goal achievement:

  • 95% of tickets for development are processed on time
  • Service desk can provide information about the status of the ticket at any time
  • Data synchronization ensured via these two systems
  • Full transparency in the process guaranteed
  • Extensibility for expansion to further systems ensured
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What services have we provided?

In a proof of concept (PoC), a number of use cases were mapped in advance in the ITSM-JIRA Connector and Mobiliar was shown possible simplifications in the way it works. After the project was placed with FROX, the use cases, requirements and objectives of Mobiliar were recorded in a workshop and coordinated with the various stakeholders. The solution was developed in an agile manner according to SCRUM and tested by Mobiliar in stages. After a short test and training phase, the ITSM-JIRA Connector was successfully introduced.


Our services

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Platforms & technology

Which platforms and technologies did we use?

  • BMC Software
  • Camunda
  • FROX ITSM-JIRA Connector

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Which topics/modules does the solution include?

  • IT Service Management
    • Ticketing solution for service desk
  • Process Digitalization
    • Workflow engine for defining synchronization processes

Technologie Integration FROX AG


For which industry was the solution developed?

  • Insurance Company

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Rudolf Brenner

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