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Customer Service Management (CSM)

We provide market-leading Customer Service Management solutions that help you simplify customer service workflows through automation to resolve customer issues faster and save operational costs.

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What is Customer Service Management?

Customer service management (CSM) involves coordinating and managing tasks in order to process customer inquiries more quickly. This includes all activities aimed at understanding customer needs, efficiently solving customer problems and requirements, increasing customer satisfaction and saving costs in the process. Modern CSM solutions play a decisive role in optimizing customer service workflows. With the help of automation technologies, they improve services and focus on optimal customer care, positive customer experiences and long-term customer loyalty, which has a positive impact on the company’s success.


Front, middle, and back offices work closely together to orchestrate tasks between customers, customer service and other teams within the company. Customer communication is particularly important here, as customer service must ensure that customers receive fast, friendly, competent and targeted support — across a variety of channels (telephone, email, chat, social media, etc.). In addition to managing customer data, Customer Service Management also analyzes customer feedback in order to identify and eliminate weaknesses in service quality.

Improve customer experience

The perfect customer service software adapts to your customers’ needs so that you can solve their problems individually. Treat your customers as a complete package and not just as separate requests to create a unique customer experience.

  • Use a seamless live and omnichannel approach, so your customers can contact your company via any channel.
  • Provide a self-service portal so that your customers can find answers to questions quickly.
  • Rely on intelligent automation to avoid long response times for your employees.
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Resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently

With a modern customer service tool, you can optimally support your customer service employees and focus on those customer services that bring quick success.

  • Break down information silos in your company to get a holistic picture of your customers.
  • Connect your employees in real time so that they can share solutions and make decisions for your customers faster.
  • Free your employees from standard requests and free up capacity. Use modern technologies such as machine learning and automate traditional support requests.
  • Get a better overview of your customer communication and customer activities.
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Continuously improve the quality of your customer service

Intelligent Customer Service Management technologies are a key success factor for the digital transformation of your company. They show you significant successes in the continuous improvement of your customer services and products.

  • New findings from case processing are automatically saved in the Knowledge Center.
  • Customer inquiries are immediately assigned to the right employee.
  • Bottlenecks in customer service are identified and optimized.
  • Employees can proactively contact customers before a problem occurs.
  • They can make data-driven decisions to initiate improvements.
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Strengthen and reward customer loyalty

A powerful CSM solution helps you to inspire and retain customers in the long term. To this end, you can develop individual programs that increase and reward the loyalty and commitment of your customers. This way, your customers will not only be satisfied, but will become true brand ambassadors who are happy to return and recommend your company to others, which contributes to sales growth.

  • Implement customer loyalty programs based on customer interactions and customer feedback.
  • Provide your customers with personalized recommendations and offers based on their behavior and preferences.

Manage knowledge effectively

When it comes to effectively managing knowledge in your company, a comprehensive knowledge database is the key to success. A CSM solution that supports knowledge management ensures that employees can share their knowledge and work together on solutions. This increases efficiency in customer service, promotes innovation and ensures long-term success.

  • Build up a comprehensive knowledge database and give all employees access to it so that customer problems can be solved quickly and employees can be trained efficiently.
  • Actively promote a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning in your company.

Use and deploy resources better

By analyzing data and monitoring performance, you can ensure that your customer service resources are deployed where they can deliver the greatest benefit. By replacing outdated systems and automating processes, you can reduce costs and increase productivity. This makes your company more profitable, and you are better equipped for future challenges.

  • Optimize workflows and resource allocation through data analysis and performance monitoring.
  • Reduce costs through more effective use of technology and resources.

Comply with Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are essential if you want to keep your customer service at a top level. With predefined playbooks, you can ensure that your employees respond quickly even to unexpected challenges and that your customer service continues to offer the highest quality.

  • Ensure SLAs are met, and your customers are satisfied by monitoring performance metrics.
  • Implement escalation processes for urgent requests and problem cases to ensure fast responses.

Customer Service Management software from ServiceNow

With the modern Customer Service Management solution from ServiceNow, you can offer a unique customer experience while reducing your operating costs: On the one hand, ensure a seamless customer experience by proactively resolving issues and using AI-powered self-service to increase customer satisfaction. On the other hand, enable your customer service employees to be more productive and continuously optimize your customer service processes. All this is possible on the unique ServiceNow platform!

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Self-service for fast customer support

ServiceNow CSM offers extensive self-service features such as chatbots, knowledge bases and user-friendly self-service portals. By allowing customers to submit inquiries themselves and quickly find answers to their questions, you take the pressure off your customer service staff and ensure proactive customer support.

Field Service Management mit ServiceNow Customer Service Management CSM FROX AG
Digital workflows are a success factor

Digital workflows are crucial for successful, modern customer service. By automating recurring processes, you save time and resources, improve the quality of your services and provide personalized customer service. With the tools and infrastructure of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, you can use digital workflows effectively to improve the customer experience.

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Full power thanks to GenAI

ServiceNow Now Assist is ServiceNow's innovative generative AI (GenAI) solution for Customer Service Management that allows you to reduce manual work and solve customer problems efficiently by using summaries of customer cases and chats. Thanks to GenAI, you can take your customer service to a new level and optimally support your employees in increasing customer satisfaction.

Are you looking for the right Customer Service Management software?

We offer you practical out-of-the-box solutions for your Customer Service Management, as well as customized CSM solutions that fit your individual business needs. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation and get to know the various options!

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Kay Diederen ist Senior Account Executive bei FROX und Spezialist für die Service-Management-Lösungen von ServiceNow.

Kay Diederen

Senior Account Executive & expert for Service Management

What our customers say

"The tool has moved us forward as an organization by allowing us to manage our knowledge in a centralized way. Thanks to ServiceNow, our 200 processes now run through in a more standardized way. Our core "support service" processes are also better structured."

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Lukas Hertig

Lukas Hertig

COO - Unico Data AG

"The new solution means a quantum leap for us in the transparency and control of our customer service. The quality has improved greatly thanks to the managed workflows. The simplicity of operation also allows new employees start working efficiently with the tool immediately across clients. With FROX, we have a customer-oriented, reliable digitization partner at our side who supports us on our journey of digital transformation with great commitment and expertise. We benefit from the know-how, flexibility and creativity of the FROX team. We look forward to the further collaboration and can highly recommend FROX as a partner to other companies."

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Danny Reitamo

Danny Reitamo

CCO, Member of the Executive Board - CC Energie SA

"The implementation of the ServiceNow platform is part of the long-term digitization strategy at the Bell Food Group AG. We are thus creating the foundation for bringing together the various processes, applications, systems and our employees on a uniform platform. FROX supports us competently and ensures that we stay close to the standard of the ServiceNow platform with the implemented solutions. The collaboration is fun!"

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Sven Friedli

Sven Friedli

CIO - Bell Food Group AG

Advantages and functions of intelligent Customer Service Management software

With a holistic CSM solution, you are able to effectively manage the entire customer service lifecycle and maximize customer satisfaction. Always rely on the right and scalable functions of CSM software — always with the aim of improving your customer service experience from the initial inquiry to the successful resolution of the problem with the following functions:


Automate repetitive tasks and processes to process customer inquiries faster, increase customer service productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce overall business costs.


Resolve customer problems faster with chatbots that understand natural language and have access to all information.

Recommended actions

Support your customer service staff in resolving customer issues by recommending the next best action.

Intelligent employee assignment

Assign customer inquiries to the most suitable employees based on their expertise, the type of customer case, the customer segment, the specific product and the services requested.


Increase the productivity of your employees and the quality of your customer service with pioneering AI technologies and improve the customer experience.

Knowledge Management

Provide knowledge databases in a central location to make it easier for your employees and customers to access information and improve collaboration.

Omnichannel support

Make sure that customers can reach your company via all possible channels to ensure seamless communication.

Predictive Intelligence

Accelerate work steps such as categorization, prioritization, and assignment of customer cases through machine learning.


Set up an efficient self-service so that customers can search for solutions independently, create tickets and track the status of their inquiries. This takes the pressure off your customer service team and increases customer satisfaction.

Service level management

Define and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure that customer requests are processed within agreed timeframes.

Leading platforms for successful Customer Service Management

We work with the world’s leading platforms in the areas of service management and process digitalization and automation to provide powerful solutions to meet your Customer Service Management challenges and increase your company’s productivity.

Wie KI Firmen hilft, den Kundenservice zu optimieren und die Arbeit im Kundendienst vereinfacht

E-book: “5 ways to strengthen the customer experience with AI”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has literally triggered a revolution in Customer Service Management. AI offers companies and their customers new ways of interacting and providing support services. Through virtual assistants, chatbots and data-based analysis, AI improves the quality of customer service, increases efficiency and productivity, and increases customer satisfaction by resolving customer problems faster.


The ongoing developments in AI promise an exciting future for customer service, where AI technologies will become a critical success factor for companies. Discover the potential and possibilities of AI in customer service and its impact on the customer experience in the e-book “5 ways to strengthen the customer experience with AI” — download now for free!


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Why robust Customer Service Management software is essential for your company

In a competitive market, how your customer service is set up is crucial. To stand out from your competition, you should focus on honest, proactive and solution-oriented customer service. Here are some reasons why modern customer service is an advantage:

Customer loyalty is more cost-efficient than customer acquisition

Studies and practical experience show that increasing customer loyalty by just 5% can increase a company’s turnover by as much as 25%. Companies with loyal customers generally have higher sales as they generate recurring revenue, which reduces marketing costs. Excellent customer service increases customer loyalty and reduces customer acquisition costs by turning existing customers into repeat customers and brand ambassadors, who in turn generate new customers.

Satisfied employees do more for their customers

Employees who feel respected and valued, and have the right tools and processes to work productively, are much more motivated and engaged. Studies show that employees who are happy at work are willing to do much more for their employer.

  • Create a respectful and customer-oriented corporate culture.
  • Free your employees in customer service from manual, repetitive processes.
  • Eliminate and do without isolated solutions and information silos.
Satisfied customers remain loyal and buy more

Studies have shown that customers are prepared to spend more on a service or product if the customer service is right. Delight your customers and:

  • Use intelligent and automated processes to resolve customer concerns faster, minimize errors and prevent rework and complaints.
  • Use self-service portals so that your customers can resolve simple issues themselves.
  • Impress your customers with personalized communication and clever solutions.
Customer service provides valuable customer information

Your customer service employees are in constant contact with customers and receive a lot of valuable information. Use this real-time customer data to better understand customer needs and preferences and to better customize products and services, leading to higher sales figures.

  • Ensure that your customer service employees have a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Avoid data silos and integrate customer data into automated processes.
  • Build a knowledge base to make customer information available to different teams and optimize the service and product portfolio.
Customer service is your brand ambassador

Your customer service represents your company and therefore your brand. It is therefore crucial that your employees do an excellent job — especially if you assume that, according to studies, many customers will no longer buy from the same brand after a negative service experience.

  • Make sure you are one step ahead of your competition.
  • Remember: with every negative customer experience, you give your competitor a new customer for free.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Customer Service Management?
Customer Service Management describes the process of managing customer interactions (including complaints or feedback) in an organisation, as well as planning, organising and implementing action to efficiently address customer concerns. Using modern, intelligent technology, Customer Service Management aims to provide efficient, high-quality and resource-efficient customer care.
What are the advantages of Customer Service Management?
• Customer loyalty and satisfaction through fast and effective support and resolution of customer concerns (problems).
• Improved efficiency and productivity through simplified, interconnected management and coordination of customer requests e.g. with the help of AI tools
• Resource optimisation through the automation and centralisation of processes and data in customer service
• Easy access to relevant and always up-to-date information simplifies the work of customer service employees
• Improved insight into customer needs and common problems to prevent future issues and improve products and services
• Increase revenue and competitive advantage for the medium and long term
What is the foundation of an effective customer service management?
Clear strategies and communication, efficient resources and tools for customer service employees, and proper training are the foundation of modern successful customer service management.
Which type of organisation would benefit from the use of a customer service management software?
The use of a customer service management software is worthwhile for a broad group of organisations of various sizes and industries, in particular for:

• Companies with a large number of customer encounters and interactions,
• Companies that have an international clientele, e.g. in different time zones.
• Companies that provide complex products and services
• Companies with high quality standards for their own customer service
• Companies that want to better understand their customers and leverage customer experiences and feedback to optimise their products and services.
• Fast-growing companies that seek to rapidly expand their customer base

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