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Improve the customer experience

The ideal customer service solution uses the context of the customer to resolve problems on a personal level. Consider the customer as a whole, not just as a single support request, to ensure the most unique customer experience possible.

  • Make it easy for your customers to contact your company with their enquiries through every possible channel.
  • Avoid long response times by providing a self-service portal and introducing intelligent automated processes.
Customer Experience verbessern Customer Service Management CSM FROX AG

Resolve customer issues more efficiently

Focus on customer services that ensure fast success.

  • Reduce information silos in your company to get a clear picture of your customers.
  • Connect employees in real time to share ideas and make quick decisions for customers.
  • Rely on solutions that give you a transparent overview of customer communication and activities.
  • Free your employees from standard requests to free up capacities. Use modern technologies such as machine learning and automate classic support requests.
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Continuously improve quality

Smart technologies are a key success factor in digital transformation and have shown to be highly successful in the continuous improvement of customer services and products.

  • New findings from case processing are automatically stored in the knowledge center.
  • Customer enquiries are immediately assigned to the right employee.
  • Bottlenecks in customer service are identified and optimized.
  • Agents can proactively contact customers before a problem occurs.
  • Data-driven decisions can be made to trigger improvements.
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Customer service with ServiceNow

Customer Service Management (CSM) from ServiceNow offers you more than a CRM and an ordinary Field Service Management solution. Create a seamless customer experience for your customers by proactively resolving problems!

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More than a CRM

Modern customer service needs a holistic approach, which a CRM cannot offer. A customer service solution identifies and personalizes the service experience of each individual customer and offers intelligent automated processes across all business units involved.

Field Service Management mit ServiceNow Customer Service Management CSM FROX AG
Field Service Management

The Field Service Management solution from ServiceNow significantly increases customer satisfaction. Resolve customer concerns on the first visit by automatically assigning the right person with the correct documents and relevant information.

Technologien und Analysen FROX AG
Smart technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses different technologies to perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. With AI-supported self-service portals, your customers are immediately involved in the solution finding process.


«Das Tool hat uns als Organisation weitergebracht, indem wir unser Wissen zentralisiert verwalten konnten. Dank ServiceNow laufen nun unsere 200 Prozesse standardisierter durch. Auch unsere Kernprozesse «Support-Service» sind besser strukturiert. So können sich unsere Mitarbeitenden darauf konzentrieren, gemäss unserem Motto «natürlich, persönlich» zu agieren.»

Zum Kundenprojekt
Lukas Hertig

Lukas Hertig

COO @ Unico Data AG

«Die neue Lösung bedeutet für uns einen Quantensprung in der Transparenz und Steuerung unseres Kundenservice. Die Qualität hat sich durch die geführten Prozesse stark verbessert und die Einfachheit der Bedienung erlaubt es auch neuen Mitarbeitenden sofort mandantenübergreifend und sehr effizient zu arbeiten. Mit FROX haben wir einen kundenorientierten, verlässlichen Digitalisierungspartner an unserer Seite, welcher uns mit grossem Engagement und Kompetenz auf unserer digitalen Reise unterstützt. Wir profitieren vom Know-how, der Flexibilität und Kreativität des FROX Teams. Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit und können FROX anderen Unternehmen als Partner wärmstens weiterempfehlen.»

Danny Reitamo

Danny Reitamo

CCO, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

CSM functions and features

Rely on correct and scalable functions – always with the aim of improving your customer service experience – from the enquiry to successful problem resolution!

Newsroom E-Book Innovationen im Customer Service Management FROX AG

e-book: «Innovationen im Customer Service Management»

An outstanding customer experience ensures that you as a brand win the hearts of your customers, promote long-term customer loyalty and, in doing so, reinforce the image of your company. The traditional definition of customer service has long since been dropped and extended to every aspect of the services and products offered. In this eBook, learn how to

  • optimize the customer experience,
  • make your customer service more efficient, and
  • continuously improve quality.
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Why a good customer service solution is valuable for your company

In a competitive market, the position of your customer service is crucial. To stand out from the competition, it is important to establish an honest, proactive, and solution-oriented customer service. These reasons speak for a modern customer service:

Customer loyalty is cheaper than customer acquisition

An increase in customer loyalty of only 5% can already increase profits by up to 25% (1) because regular customers spend up to 67% more on a brand (2), thus reducing marketing costs. Excellent customer service reduces the cost of customer acquisition by

  • turning existing customers into regular customers,
  • reducing the migration rate, and
  • turning customers into brand ambassadors who, in turn, generate new customers.
Satisfied employees provide a better service to customers

Employees who feel respected and appreciated and have the right tools and processes to work productively are far more motivated. Studies show that 87% of employees who are happy at work are willing to do much more for their employer. (1)

  • Create a respectful and customer-oriented culture in your company.
  • Free your customer service employees from repetitive and manual processes.
  • Dispense with information silos and isolated solutions.
Satisfied customers remain loyal and buy more

When customers have a positive experience with a brand, they remain loyal for longer. They simply have no reason to look at the competition. In addition, 50% of customers buy more after a positive experience with a brand. (1) If customer service is good, about 86% of customers are willing to spend up to 25% more for a service or product. (2) Inspire your customers by

  • using intelligent and automated processes to resolve customer issues faster,
  • using self-service portals so that customers can resolve simple issues themselves, and
  • with highly personalized communication and smart solutions, convince your customers in the long term.
Customer service can provide valuable information about customers

Your customer service agents are on the front line and in constant contact with customers. They receive a great deal of valuable information. Use this data; it can provide important insights for product development, marketing, or other areas.

  • Ensure that your customer service employees have a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Avoid data silos and seamlessly integrate customer data into the automated processes.
  • Establish an internal knowledge platform to deliver customer insights across different teams.
Customer service is your brand ambassador

The level of service your employees provide is crucial – particularly when considering that 60% of customers will not buy the same brand again if they have had a negative service experience. (1)

  • Always keep one step ahead of the competition.
  • Remember: Every negative customer experience means a free new customer for your competitors.

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Daniel Roth Senior Account Executive FROX AG

Daniel Roth

Senior Account Executive

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