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Camunda and FROX – process automation with Open Source software

We develop individual applications with Camunda Open Source software and promote digitalization in your company. Our aim: to automate your business processes with tailor-made solutions.


User Interaction

Create digitalized processes with customized forms and dynamic content in the shortest possible time. Users work on the right tasks at the right time with relevant information. Generate documents in different formats based on templates. Adaptations and extensions go live without any downtime.

  • Process portal with process catalog and task list
  • With low code and configuration to dynamic forms
  • Document creation directly from the processes
  • No restarts necessary


Integrate third-party systems from your system landscape directly with your processes, without the detour via costly integration platforms and without having to write Java code.

  • API management for processes
  • API orchestration and choreography
  • Easy e-mailing
  • NoSQL persistence
  • Elastic integration

Case Management

Users have an overview of pending tasks and all open or processed cases. They retain control of all ongoing cases at all times. You configure the workflows for the different case types completely freely via dedicated process models.

  • Self-service portal
  • Included predefined case requests
  • Efficient case processing
  • Customer service management, issue tracking or collaborative process management
  • SLA management
  • E-mail notifications

Identity and Access

Leverage centrally managed user accounts and allow your users to log in with their domain account. By integrating the Microsoft 365 authentication API, you can offer your employees even more convenience.

  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Microsoft 365 authentifcation

The Camunda Open Source Engine

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Automate business processes — quickly and efficiently

With the Camunda Open Source Engine, we are able to efficiently automate business processes in companies and drive forward digital transformation. By developing extensions, we can implement system integrations within a very short time. Camunda offers the necessary flexibility, transparency, and scalability.

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Open Source Engine for customized solutions

Thanks to the open architecture of the Camunda Open Source Engine, we can develop individual applications that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Camunda is also easily embedded in already existing products or solutions. Camunda is often used as a tool for a lightweight and flexible orchestration of microservices.

Would you like advice on Camunda?

Our Camunda experts will be happy to take the time to show you the possibilities for your project. Tell us what challenge you want to tackle – whether you just want to find out more or want to get started.

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Jonas Büchel

Head of Business Process Solutions

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