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CC Energie: Customer Service Digitalization

CC Energie: Customer Service Digitalization

How CC Energie is leveraging its customer service advantage with an innovative process solution


Faster familiarization time


E-2-E Processing of all inbounds (call, mail, letter)


Transparency in business cases


Productivity increase

«For us, the new solution means a quantum leap in the transparency and control of our customer service. The quality has improved greatly due to the managed processes and the simplicity of operation also allows new employees to start working immediately and efficiently for all of our clients. With FROX, we have a customer-oriented, reliable digitalization partner at our side who supports us with great commitment and expertise on our digital journey.»

Danny Reitamo

Danny Reitamo

CCO, Member of the Management Board

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

CC Energie, the customer support center for the energy companies BKW and Groupe E, was looking for a new end-to-end process solution for handling nearly 400,000 customer inquiries received annually by phone, mail or letter. Voices from the field:


  • «SAP is not really user friendly.... many screens, many fields, too many clicks and the search is complicated, automatic identification of the business partner would be nice.»
  • «The application requires too much attention. This compromises the quality of the customer contact.»
  • «Too many mistakes happen due to the lack of process support.»

With a new, standardized end-to-end processing, the entire operation of the service center was to be optimized and digitized in order to guarantee fast and secure case handling with a low error rate.

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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

The successful introduction of this multi-client, fully integrated omni-channel solution laid the foundation for achieving the long-term goals of Project Phoenix at CC Energie. The solution includes an overarching workflow with telephony connectivity, automated inbound categorization, with simple, system-guided processes, real-time integration to the core system, and simultaneous automation of output management for all customer confirmations. End-to-end, system-supported processing is a new innovative approach in Customer Service Management and guarantees high data quality, high efficiency, transparency and consistent reporting.


The 3 main objectives of the first expansion stage of Phoenix included:

  • 80% of all first level requests, standardization and process-supported handling
  • Faster and easier employee training: 3 days instead of 3 months
  • Process standardization: all processes for all clients in all languages for all channels

The flexible basic concept and open architecture allows the solution to be expanded at any time with additional inbound channels such as chat or speechbots and additional service processes to further automate the handling of customer concerns. As a leading service management center in the energy industry, CC Energie is thus ideally positioned to further increase service quality on behalf of its customers and to use this as a competitive advantage.

Service FROX AG


What services have we provided?

As digitization partner of CC Energie, FROX helped designing and developing this innovative customer service management solution. One of the major challenges was the integration of the peripheral systems (SAP ISU, telephony, output management, etc.) into the end-2-end processing. Due to the nature of Corona, the Phoenix project was carried out almost exclusively remotely and was successfully implemented in a remarkably short time thanks to close cooperation with the customer center, IT and the integration partners involved. FROX provided the following services in the project:


  • Requirements engineering support, co-design of design and UX, implementation support
  • Solution architecture, agile software development (SCRUM), continuous delivery
  • Project management
  • Maintenance and support
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Platforms & technology

Which platforms and technologies did we use?

  • Axon Ivy

Technologie Integration FROX AG


For which industry was the solution developed?

  • Energy Sector

Would you like some more information or advice?

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Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Head of Digitalization