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We make you fit for an ITSM of the future – with digitalized and automated IT processes.

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Improve the service experience

Create IT services that inspire your employees and customers.

  • Automate simple support requests with intelligent solutions.
  • Provide a self-service portal for your employees for self-help.
  • Personalize your IT services – customized for each employee.
Service-Erlebnis verbessern mit IT Service Management ITSM ITIL FROX AG

Increase the productivity of IT services

Focus on IT services that lead you quickly and efficiently to your goal.

  • Eliminate information silos in your company so that teams can work together productively.
  • Free your employees from routine requests and automate support requests with new technologies such as machine learning.
  • Provide proactive IT services – with real-time data and the right dashboards.
Produktivität von IT-Services steigern mit IT Service Management ITSM ITIL FROX AG

Save IT costs

Identify the cost drivers of your IT services and reduce investments over the long term without losing your innovative potential.

  • Dispense with manual tasks wherever possible to save time and reduce the risk of error.
  • Consolidate your IT services and avoid duplication and inefficient tools.
  • Methodical integration of your ITSM at the outset avoids stress and saves costs.
  • Eliminate isolated solutions and think interdisciplinary and cross-departmental.
IT-Kosten sparen mit IT Service Management ITSM ITIL FROX AG

Our ITSM technology partners

We work together with leading manufacturers of IT Service Management solutions to help master your challenges efficiently and establish an ITSM in your company successfully. Together we achieve your goals.

BMC Software Logo FROX AG

BMC Software

As a partner of BMC Software, we have been advising companies on the Swiss market for over 25 years. Our aim: to continuously improve your IT services and operations.

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ServiceNow Logo FROX AG


As a ServiceNow partner, we help you simplify the way your company works. Our aim: to provide your customers and employees with outstanding service.

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«Die neue Integration ermöglicht uns eine wesentlich einfachere und effizientere Anbindung vom Service Desk an die interne Entwicklung. Die Umsetzung und Einführung des Projekts wurde von FROX im vereinbarten Zeit- und Kostenrahmen geliefert und hat bereits kurz nach der Einführung zu sicht- und spürbaren Verbesserungen unserer Prozesse geführt.»

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Brigitte Stettler

Brigitte Stettler

Product Owner Customer Empowerment @ die Mobiliar

«FROX hat uns im ServiceNow-Projekt mit ihren gut ausgebildeten Software-Spezialisten professionell unterstützt und massgeblich zum Erfolg beigetragen. Die Zusammenarbeit war sehr angenehm und wir würden FROX zu jeder Zeit wieder als Partner für weitere Projekte wählen.»

Alex Kosenkov

Alex Kosenkov

Ressortleiter Entwicklung, Produkt Owner ServiceNow @ fenaco Genossenschaft

«Das Tool hat uns als Organisation weitergebracht, indem wir unser Wissen zentralisiert verwalten konnten. Dank ServiceNow laufen nun unsere 200 Prozesse standardisierter durch. Auch unsere Kernprozesse «Support-Service» sind besser strukturiert. So können sich unsere Mitarbeitenden darauf konzentrieren, gemäss unserem Motto «natürlich, persönlich» zu agieren.»

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Lukas Hertig

Lukas Hertig

COO @ Unico Data AG

«Wir nutzen die Chancen des digitalen Wandels, um unseren Kunden und Geschäftspartnern immer mehr Leistungen und zusätzliche Vorteile zu bieten. Vor fünf Jahren gingen wir eine wertvolle Partnerschaft mit der FROX AG und BMC Software ein. Gemeinsam wurde das ehrgeizige IoT-Projekt umgesetzt und unsere Dienstleistungen durch eine digitale Plattform erweitert.»

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Technologieunternehmen im Bereich Gebäudeautomatisierung

ITSM processes and functions

We work according to best practices and also use the ITIL framework. Our ITSM solutions are based on proven success models and are designed to accompany your IT services throughout the entire life cycle.

Newsroom E-Book ITSM und Customer Experience FROX AG

e-book: «ITSM und Customer Experience»

Optimize IT services, increase satisfaction, and improve communication! The success of your IT services depends on employee and customer satisfaction. What you need is the right strategy. In our eBook we explain how to develop a step-by-step plan and improve the customer experience.

  • Principles for an IT service strategy
  • Practical examples
  • Guide for the implementation of an IT service
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Why ITSM is also important for your company

IT Service Management combines separately managed IT processes and components and brings them together in a uniform and clearly structured way. In the process, IT services are also aligned with business goals. For these reasons, ITSM is indispensable for modern companies:

IT Business Alignment

Agile and cost-efficient business processes are a prerequisite for sustainable competitiveness. Coordination between business and IT is therefore essential. Align your ITSM according to your business goals,

  • avoid repetitive manual tasks and automate wherever possible,
  • create transparency for your business stakeholders,
  • focus on service delivery, continuously improving your service experience, and
  • ensure that your services are proactive.
Reduce IT costs

The IT infrastructure and operational costs account for about 60% of the total IT expenditure. How can you reduce your IT costs whilst increasing your innovative potential at the same time?

  • Free your employees from manual tasks to minimize the risk of error, facilitate work processes and motivate employees.
  • Optimize the lifecycle management of your IT assets, identify cost drivers, and consider efficient strategies for procurement.
  • Reduce your service desk costs with a self-service portal.
Increase IT service quality

Achieve a real competitive advantage through improved IT service quality — internally and for your customers. To maintain or improve the quality of IT services, the applied solutions must have the right foundation to make gradual optimization easier and more effective.

  • The data quality of your CMDB must always be reliable to avoid serious misjudgements in your IT organization.
  • Defined IT Service Management processes must always be perfectly mapped on your ITSM platform to avoid a higher error rate and additional expenditure.
  • Manual work processes sooner or later lead to errors. This can easily be avoided with automated processes.
Ensure compliance

Industry guidelines, laws, and voluntary codes lead to compliance requirements for IT. Without Compliance Management, a company risks violating legal regulations, loss of image and, in turn, loss of revenue. Conforming to IT compliance requirements is time-consuming and can lead to high costs. However, with the right planning and appropriate measures, risks can be minimized considerably.

  • Scan your business regularly for devices and software. In this way, security gaps are automatically detected and reported.
  • Automate all necessary processes, as these can be documented without additional effort. This offers a certain level of audit security and makes internal and external audits far more efficient.
Reduce the risk of changes

If changes in your IT organization have been badly planned and insufficiently tested and communicated, there is a high risk that new changes will considerably disrupt your business and IT services.

  • Minimize the impacts by providing clear information on planning conflicts and risks.
  • Improve Change Management through dynamically structured Change Advisory Board Meetings.
  • Accelerate the process and adapt the pace to DevOps with automated change approval policies.

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Tell us what challenge you want to tackle with IT Service Management. Whether you just want to find out more or want to get started, we will be happy to take the time and show you the options available.

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Rudolf Brenner Senior Account Executive FROX AG

Rudolf Brenner

Senior Account Executive

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