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IT Service Management (ITSM)

We get you ready for an ITSM of the future – with digitalized and automated IT processes.

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IT Service Management expertise and services

As seasoned experts in IT Service Management (ITSM), we support IT departments on the road to modern, efficient and cost-effective service operations. From the establishment of an ITSM strategy through careful analysis and consulting to customized development, operation, and support, we offer a full range of services according to your individual needs. They are based on our many years of project-based service management expertise in accordance with the ITIL standard by highly trained, certified specialists.

Your one-stop-service for ITSM processes and functions

We work according to best practices and on the basis of the ITIL framework. Our ITSM solutions are based on proven success models. We support you and accompany your IT services throughout the entire life cycle. With IT Service Management according to ITIL and ITSM consulting, we are always there for you.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Service Level Management

Secure and manage Service Level Agreements between customers and service providers.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Service Catalogue Management

Develop and provide a service catalogue with precise information on individual services.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Continuity Management

Ensure that services and IT infrastructure always have sufficient capacity.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Availability Management

Define, analyse, plan, and improve IT service availability.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Service Asset & Configuration Management

Provide information for IT service-relevant configuration items.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Release & Deployment Management

Plan and control how releases are tested and rolled out in a live environment.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Knowledge Management

Provide knowledge and information effectively within the organization.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Change Management

Avoid negative impacts on IT services through holistic change management.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Incident Management

Manage incidents across the entire lifecycle. Reduce IT service downtimes over the long term.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Event Management

Constantly monitor CIs and services and categorize events to initiate appropriate measures if necessary.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Problem Management

Manage all issues – with the aim of preventing incidents and minimizing their impact as far as possible.

ITSM IT Service Management ITIL FROX AG
Request Fulfillment Management

Process service orders such as standard changes, requests, or information.


FROX is an official partner, connoisseur, and specialist of the global leaders in IT Service Management, ServiceNow and BMC Software in Switzerland. Benefit from our long-standing, wide-ranging experience of successful SaaS- and on-premises ITSM implementations.

What our customers say

"The implementation of the ServiceNow platform is part of the long-term digitization strategy at the Bell Food Group AG. We are thus creating the foundation for bringing together the various processes, applications, systems and our employees on a uniform platform. FROX supports us competently and ensures that we stay close to the standard of the ServiceNow platform with the implemented solutions. The collaboration is fun!"

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Sven Friedli

Sven Friedli

CIO - Bell Food Group AG

"The new integration allows us a much simpler and more efficient connection from the service desk to internal development. The implementation and rollout of the project was delivered by FROX on time and within budget and has already led to visible and noticeable improvements in our processes shortly after implementation."

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Brigitte Stettler

Brigitte Stettler

Product Owner Customer Empowerment - die Mobiliar

"The tool has moved us forward as an organization by allowing us to manage our knowledge in a centralized way. Thanks to ServiceNow, our 200 processes now run through in a more standardized way. Our core "support service" processes are also better structured."

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Lukas Hertig

Lukas Hertig

COO - Unico Data AG

"FROX supported us professionally in the ServiceNow project with their well-trained software specialists and contributed significantly to the success. The cooperation was very pleasant and we would choose FROX again as a partner for further projects."

Alex Kosenkov

Alex Kosenkov

Head of Development Department, Product Owner ServiceNow - fenaco Genossenschaft

"The integration solution between Dynatrace and BMC ITSM enables us to automate ticket generation and tracking throughout the solution process. FROX delivered the implementation and rollout on time and on budget and we are very happy with the implemented solution!"

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Danya Mattersteig

Danya Mattersteig

Head of End2End Monitoring Dynatrace - die Mobiliar

Improve the service experience

Create IT services that inspire your employees and customers.

  • Automate simple support requests with smart ITSM-tools.
  • Provide a self-service portal for your employees for self-help.
  • Personalize your IT services – customized for each employee.
Service-Erlebnis verbessern mit IT Service Management ITSM ITIL FROX AG

Increase the productivity of IT services

Focus on IT services that lead you quickly and efficiently to your goal.

  • Eliminate information silos in your company so that teams can work together productively.
  • Free your employees from routine requests and automate support requests with new technologies such as machine learning.
  • Provide proactive IT services – with real-time data and the right dashboards.
Produktivität von IT-Services steigern mit IT Service Management ITSM ITIL FROX AG

Reduce IT costs

Identify the cost drivers of your IT services and reduce costs over the long term without losing your innovative potential.

  • Free your employees from manual, repetitive tasks to save time and reduce errors.
  • Consolidate your IT services and avoid duplication and inefficient tools.
  • Methodical integration of your ITSM at the outset avoids stress and saves money.
  • Eliminate isolated solutions and think interdisciplinary and cross-departmental.
IT-Kosten sparen mit IT Service Management ITSM ITIL FROX AG

E-book: Journey to modernizing IT services and operations

The modernization of ITSM includes the automation of workflows, the rapid provision of services and transparency in the IT infrastructure. This enables faster problem resolution and increases both productivity and quality. Learn how to modernize your service operations in 3 steps and achieve scalability for growth and resilience in this free e-book.



E-book ServiceNow: “Journey to modernizing IT services and operations” - How to modernize your service operation in 3 steps and scale for growth and resiliency


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Do you have questions about IT Service Management?

Tell us what challenge you want to tackle with ITSM. Whether you just want to find out more or want to get started, we will be happy to take the time and show you the options available.

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Franz Klingler

Senior Account Executive & Service Management expert

ITSM Best Practices for your company

IT Service Management combines separately managed IT processes and components and brings them together in a uniform and clearly structured way. In the process, IT services are also aligned with business goals. For these reasons, ITSM is indispensable for modern companies:

IT Business Alignment

Agile and cost-efficient business processes are a prerequisite for sustainable competitiveness. Coordination between business and IT is therefore essential. Align your ITSM according to your business goals,

  • avoid repetitive manual tasks and automate wherever possible,
  • create transparency for your business stakeholders,
  • focus on service delivery, continuously improving your service experience, and
  • ensure that your services are proactive.
Reduce IT costs

The IT infrastructure and operational costs account for about 60% of the total IT expenditure. How can you reduce your IT costs whilst increasing your innovative potential at the same time?

  • Free your employees from manual tasks to minimize the risk of error, facilitate work processes and motivate employees.
  • Optimize the lifecycle management of your IT assets, identify cost drivers, and consider efficient strategies for procurement.
  • Reduce your service desk costs with a self-service portal.
Increase IT service quality

Achieve a real competitive advantage through improved IT service quality — internally and for your customers. To maintain or improve the quality of IT services, the applied solutions must have the right foundation to make gradual optimization easier and more effective.

  • The data quality of your CMDB must always be reliable to avoid serious misjudgements in your IT organization.
  • Defined IT Service Management processes must always be perfectly mapped on your ITSM platform to avoid a higher error rate and additional expenditure.
  • Manual work processes sooner or later lead to errors. This can easily be avoided with automated processes.
Ensure compliance

Industry guidelines, laws, and voluntary codes lead to compliance requirements for IT. Without Compliance Management, a company risks violating legal regulations, loss of image and, in turn, loss of revenue. Conforming to IT compliance requirements is time-consuming and can lead to high costs. However, with the right planning and appropriate measures, risks can be minimized considerably.

  • Scan your business regularly for devices and software. In this way, security gaps are automatically detected and reported.
  • Automate all necessary processes, as these can be documented without additional effort. This offers a certain level of audit security and makes internal and external audits far more efficient.
Reduce the risk related to changes

If changes in your IT organization have been badly planned and insufficiently tested and communicated, there is a high risk that new changes will considerably disrupt your business and IT services.

  • Minimize the impacts by providing clear information on planning conflicts and risks.
  • Improve Change Management through dynamically structured Change Advisory Board Meetings.
  • Accelerate the process and adapt the pace to DevOps with automated change approval policies.

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