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Workload Automation

With workload automation, you automatically control workflows and processes - for greater efficiency and productivity in your company.

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What is workload automation?

With workload automation you automate the planning, execution and management of tasks around business processes or transactions across different systems. This includes, for example, managing supply chains or processing information in real time.


Workload automation software coordinates and executes activities that move millions of data points across tens of thousands of processes within a complex landscape of on-premises and cloud-based applications and services – all from a single central point of control. The goal here is reliable, flexible, and high-performance automation at the core of the enterprise.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Companies that use workload automation to optimize their business areas benefit from a higher level of automation that helps them remain competitive in times of advancing digitization and automation. The resulting increase in efficiency and productivity contributes to company-wide success.


With the automation of IT processes and workflows, numerous tasks can be managed at the same time and executed faster. Especially for time-critical tasks, workload automation can be match-decisive.


By linking different automation processes that were previously managed separately, Workload Automation allows digital processes to be planned and implemented across multiple systems in a centralized system. In this sense, all data, applications and infrastructures can be managed in a single place using modern digital-first technologies.

Increase quality

With a workload automation solution, companies additionally increase the quality of their processes and services.

  • Manual activities are replaced by automated processes
  • Errors are automatically detected and corrected
  • Processes can be implemented according to defined company standards and best practices
  • Time-consuming and cost-intensive interruptions in business processes are avoided
  • Ensures compliance with service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Audit and compliance: all automated processes are centrally documented and traceable for everyone

Reduce the workload of employees

Manual repetitive tasks are one of the reasons why employees can be slowed down in their productivity. For a more productive workflow, workload automation / digital business automation cost-effectively automates those tasks that do not require a specialist decision.


The result:

  • Employees are relieved
  • Employees can focus on higher-value tasks
  • The human factor is eliminated as a possible source of error

Workload automation: advantages of automated processes

System-wide process management

Central management of all processes across all company divisions.

Efficiency and productivity boost

Manage numerous tasks simultaneously and run them faster.

Long-term performance enhancement

Improve the quality of processes and services through best practices.

Optimized personnel deployment

Reduce the workload of employees and assign them to higher-value tasks.

Transparent process overview

Documentation of all automated processes to support audits and compliance.

Compliance with service level agreements

Early detection and resolution of delays.

BMC Control-M: plan workflows efficiently, automate IT processes easily

BMC Software’s Control-M is an award-winning workload automation platform that enables organizations to easily define, schedule, manage, and monitor workflows. The workload automation solution is available both for on-premises (BMC Control-M) and as a Saas solution (BMC Helix Control-M). Learn more about workload automation with BMC Control-M and get to know the workload automation software.


BMC Helix Control-M

Try the award-winning, leading workload automation solution Control-M for yourself right now guided by an integrated tutorial!

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how 3 customers accelerated their digital transformation by migrating to Control-M

How companies accelerated their digital transformation by migrating to Control-M

In this e-book from BMC Software, we show you three companies that used Control-M integrated conversion tools to consolidate their workflows and how they managed the migration.  Topics include:

  • Improving mainframe applications and integrating cloud technologies.
  • Supporting growth through an improved automation environment
  • Streamlining automation to improve overall business functions
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