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Swisscom: Process Digitalization With Camunda And ITSM

Swisscom: Process Digitalization With Camunda And ITSM

ITSM customisation offloading with Camunda

More effective development

Simpler processes

Reduced operating costs

«A highly elegant solution that combines the power of Camunda with excellent low-code features. Now our developers can build new interfaces in a fraction of the time they would need by writing Java Code.»

Lucas Almeida da Silva

Lucas Almeida da Silva

Product Owner ESM Organisation

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) unit at Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. provides applications and data for service operations. These control the entire process from recording, analyzing and correlating faults to orchestrating the solution process, which involves various organizations and systems inside and outside Swisscom. Today, this is largely automated, with standard ITSM solutions from BMC Software as the basis, as well as other integrated systems and databases. In order to achieve this level of automation, the ITSM platforms had to be extended to a considerable extent, which increasingly caused problems during operation and upgrades. Therefore, Swisscom decided to largely outsource the customer-specific extensions to a dedicated system based on the Camunda BPMN platform.


The main goals of the project:

  • Introduction of Camunda in the Swisscom ESM environment
  • Enable efficient development of processes and integrations
  • Initial implementation of processes and integrations
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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

With the "OneITSMCam" application, developers can create and manage interfaces without Java coding. This allows Swisscom to efficiently outsource a large part of their "custom code" from the ITSM platform to the Camunda platform. This results in more efficient and manageable processes through the functionality of the Camunda BPMN platform, as well as a streamlining of the ITSM standard platform, which enables shorter upgrade cycles and more reliable operation with reduced operational effort.


Service FROX AG


What services have we provided?

For Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, FROX AG developed an application based on Java, React and the Camunda BPMN Engine, which allows to define and manage interface services in a "low-code" approach, which can then be used seamlessly in the Camunda BPMN Engine. The modern and intuitive user interface ensures a short learning curve and supports efficient development.


Our services

  • Consulting, conception and training in the Camunda environment
  • Development of an application with embedded Camunda engine
  • Integration in Swisscom environment (SSO/OAuth, LDAPS, Devops infrastructure)
  • Implementation of sample and pilot processes and integrations
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Platforms & technology

Which platforms and technologies did we use?

  • Camunda
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Webservices
  • FROX DPM-Plattform

Technologie Integration FROX AG


Which topics/modules does the solution include?

  • Process Digitalization
    • Integration
    • Individual application development
    • Case Management

Technologie Integration FROX AG


For which industry was the solution developed?

  • Telecommunications

Would you like some more information or advice?

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Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Head of Digitalization