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Scanning Apps For Curaden

Scanning Apps For Curaden

How Curaden accelerates its ordering processes for dental products

Efficient ordering

Significantly reduced ordering effort for the end customer

Easy operation

Increase customer loyalty through easy-to-use ordering application

Guaranteed quality

Significant decrease in incorrect orders and incorrect bookings

Minimum costs

Significant savings in supervision costs for installation and support

«FROX AG recognized our needs directly and implemented them in a targeted manner and with high quality. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to further successful projects.»

Thomas Husi

Thomas Husi

Deputy Head of IT Solutions

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

Ordering app CuraScan: Curaprox oral hygiene products from Curaden are widely used in dental practices. For reordering products, Curaden provided practices with a local Windows-based solution. This had to be installed and configured by Curaden on site. In addition, the solution required an external barcode scanner to facilitate product order entry. Replacing the old application with a mobile web app with integrated scanning was intended to reduce support and implementation costs.
TS warehouse app: The Curaden technical service (TS) services the equipment in dental practices and laboratories. The service technicians carry spare parts in their vehicles for this purpose. The booking in and out of the spare parts from the central warehouse to the vehicle warehouses took place at the six service locations at a central terminal. The old Windows-based solution had reached the end of its life cycle and was to be replaced by a web-based application.


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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

The new CuraScan solution allows dental items to be scanned and ordered via smartphone or tablet. A special hardware scanner (HW) is no longer necessary. The application can be used directly without the need to download and install an app from an app store. In addition to barcodes, the new mobile app also supports the scanning of QR codes. In addition, scanning is also possible offline, for example, if the practice's intermediate storage facility in the basement does not have an Internet connection. Orders are registered directly in the dental store (Curaden's eShop) via an interface. The new mobile app eliminates the cost of HW scanners and the effort required for installations and software updates at the customers' premises.
At the regional warehouse locations, the technical service benefits from the improved usability of the new TD warehouse app for transferring spare parts between the central warehouse and the vehicle warehouses. This app is additionally connected to a hardware scanner. The scanned items are automatically checked and booked in the ERP via an interface.


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What services have we provided?

As Curaden's digitalization partner, we were looking for a technical solution to make the applications available for mobile devices without an app store and with offline scanning capability. One specific issue was the make-or-buy decision for the scanning solution. The decisive factors for the buy decision were the quality, speed and versatility of the selected industrial scanning software.


Our services for Curaden:

  • Requirements engineering support, co-design of design and UX, implementation support
  • Solution architecture, agile software development (SCRUM), continuous delivery, project management
  • Maintenance and support
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Platforms & technology

Which platforms and technologies did we use?

  • Axon Ivy

Technologie Integration FROX AG


Which topics/modules does the solution include?

  • Process Digitalization
    • Individual application development

Technologie Integration FROX AG


For which industry was the solution developed?

  • Healthcare

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Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Head of Digitalization