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Process Digitization At Glutz AG

Process Digitization At Glutz AG

How end-to-end digital processes optimize production planning and guarantee data quality

High data quality

Continuously digitalized processes (E2E) reduce the error rate

Full transparency

Overview and insight into the ongoing applications for all parties involved in the process

Efficient processing

Significant acceleration of processes and avoidance of unnecessary effort

Easy to use

Minimal training due to optimized user guidance

«Each newly introduced process solution brings us one step further forward in digitization. The Axon Ivy technology has proven itself and in FROX we have found a committed, competent and reliable digitization partner.»

Marcel Sollberger

Marcel Sollberger

Head of Digitalization and IT

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Initial situation

What was the situation up to now?

Glutz AG is an internationally active provider of security and convenience solutions for access to buildings. As a manufacturer, it operates a demanding production process with numerous articles and production steps. For production planning, it is important that the processes are continuous and that high data quality is guaranteed. Any deviation from the standard process has an impact on planning, costs and delivery dates. The challenge is that such changes are not made unplanned, but are systematically requested and evaluated. A need for optimization was also identified in the service area (e.g., returns, repairs) and in internal processes (HR processes).
Glutz has recognized that moving away from silo thinking towards binding and continuous digital processes with high data quality is the basis for a sustainable increase in efficiency. With the use of a uniform process automation platform, this goal is to be achieved step by step over the next few years.


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Customer benefits

What has improved as a result of the solution?

The technical change process is now supported by a workflow application. Each change request is assessed by the departments involved (development, AVOR, production optimization, purchasing, product management). Effects, optimization potential, risk, and costs are evaluated, and the decisions are documented in a comprehensible manner. Unplanned changes to the production process are now a thing of the past. In addition, it can be checked whether a change that has been introduced confirms the planned positive effect.
With the digitalized returns process, customers can register their returns and track the processing. The process is digitally accompanied and documented from the receipt of goods to the repair to the dispatch or credit note. This transparency provides all involved parties with an improved overview and helps with work planning. The evaluation of the process measurement data provides indications for further optimization.
The absence workflow reduces the administrative effort involved in recording and checking absence reports. Thanks to the integration with the ERP system, the booking is done automatically, which saves a lot of time and money. The overall process could thus be greatly accelerated, while at the same time increasing the data quality.


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What services have we provided?

As a digitization partner of Glutz AG, FROX implements these modern process solutions based on the Axon Ivy automation platform. It is important to understand the operational processes in order to design and implement the optimal solution together with the customer.


Our services for Glutz AG:

Technologie Integration FROX AG

Platforms & technology

Which platforms and technologies did we use?

  • Axon Ivy

Technologie Integration FROX AG


For which industry was the solution developed?

  • Manufacturing

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Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Dr. Hanspeter Seiler

Head of Digitalization