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How IT Service Providers Optimize Their Services On The ServiceNow Platform With ITSM And Customer Service Management


IT service providers face many challenges when they want to efficiently handle their own processes and those of their customers. The IT service management and customer service management modules of the ServiceNow platform make this easy and fast. Read more about the benefits of the ServiceNow platform and learn how to automate workflows, increase productivity and improve employee and customer satisfaction – with project example from our customer Unico Data.

From manual processes to governance: challenges of IT service providers

Many organizations today still have numerous manual workflows when managing processes, also called workflows, across functions, teams and silos. This often results in media disruptions. IT service providers, however, have even greater challenges as they manage their customers’ processes in addition to their own. As different as their customers are, so are their requirements. IT service providers are therefore charged with tasks such as supporting legacy systems, modern platforms, and a mix of tools and technologies, across the entire service lifecycle – from planning and development to operations and governance. They must provide day-to-day processes that keep an organization running smoothly, regardless of the underlying cloud or on-premises structure. These processes include service management, security and risk management, cost optimization, application planning, testing and deployment, and problem detection and resolution. It can be difficult for IT service providers to make all these systems and processes work together effectively and create a seamless, simple and efficient workflow for their employees and customers.

Benefits of the ServiceNow customer service management platform

With the ITSM and CSM modules of the cloud-based ServiceNow platform, IT service providers have the ideal tool to automate customer processes and their own workflows to meet a wide variety of requirements. The platform offers a workflow engine, interface integrations and specially developed applications for customer service management and operations management.

Thanks to the ServiceNow platform, IT service providers can:

  • Easily create and manage workflows
  • Integrate and automate processes from customers, service partners and suppliers
  • Avoid information and data silos
  • Connect tools and systems
  • Minimize errors
  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Centralize knowledge
  • Create transparency
  • Ensure data quality

All of this in a seamless way that adds significant value to their own employees and their customers and increases productivity. With the help of automated, digitized workflows, both sides can complete more tasks faster, get a better overview of processes in the company and increase efficiency. By automating routine tasks with digital workflows, IT service providers relieve the burden on their employees and free up more time for more complex, strategic tasks. With intelligent workflow solutions in customer service, inquiries from customers can be answered quickly and in a targeted manner – often even before they have to contact an employee. Additionally, analytics and AI capabilities automatically learn and assist with service decisions and automation. ServiceNow’s global data centers and deployment options help meet customers’ specific compliance regulations.

Example: How Unico Data AG simplifies over 200 processes and resolves incidents faster

Unico Data is an IT service provider that handles its customers’ tickets as well as its own using the ServiceNow platform. Since the last system it used was reaching its limits, Unico Data needed a solution that could meet current and future service management requirements. Among the biggest challenges was to ensure consistency between the IT service management and customer service management modules and to redefine, streamline and automate processes. The solution also had to support and automate the invoicing process. To meet these challenges, the company chose ServiceNow’s platform and FROX as its implementation partner.

Lukas Hertig, COO bei Unico Data “The tool has moved us forward as an organization by allowing us to manage our knowledge in a centralized way. Thanks to ServiceNow, our 200 processes now run through in a more standardized way. Our core “support service” processes are also better structured.”
Lukas Hertig, COO Unico Data AG


With the help of the ServiceNow platform, Unico Data has simplified over 200 processes and optimized internal workflows. Thanks to the consistent digital mapping of all workflows in ServiceNow, process quality has improved significantly. ServiceNow’s ITSM and CSM portal enables Unico Data employees to collaborate with their customers more easily and quickly. Since Unico Data’s customers also use ServiceNow’s CSM portal for their tickets, handling has become much easier for them as well. Read more about this project in our Success Story with Unico Data.

ServiceNow for simple workflow management and more productivity in the company

ServiceNow’s platform provides the foundation for meeting the increasing demands for customer service, compliance, and innovation and digitization of processes. Working with automated workflows not only makes day-to-day business easier, but also leads to greater productivity, efficiency and profitability in the long term – both within the company and for customers. ServiceNow is one of the world’s leading providers of service management platforms. Would you like to know which service management platforms are most popular with Swiss companies? Find out this and much more in the ITSM Report 2021!

Personal advice on ServiceNow

How efficient is your Service Management? How are you handling your tickets and those of your customers? As a Premier Partner of ServiceNow, we are ready to optimize IT Service Management and Customer Service Management in your company, so that you can work more productively as an IT service provider and offer your customers outstanding service. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation appointment - we'll be happy to show you the possibilities with the ServiceNow platform!

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