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ServiceNow Utah Release: Automation for More Efficiency, Better Experience and More Productivity


ServiceNow has released the Utah release of the ServiceNow platform, releasing the latest updates and features. Like every release of ServiceNow, the Utah update addresses the needs of ServiceNow users with new solutions to help automate and optimize complex workflows and IT processes, efficiently design workflows, increase productivity and improve decision-making. As an official partner of ServiceNow in Switzerland, we present the highlights of the Utah release in this article.

ServiceNow Utah Release: Achieve more with automation and target resources more effectively

The ServiceNow Utah Release helps managers identify routine tasks, redundancies, or gaps and help their teams prioritize tasks. Automation frees employees from manual work and allows them to be more focused, increasing overall efficiency.

This is where the extension of Process Optimization’s capabilities to solutions such as Field Service Management comes in. With the help of AI-supported process mining, teams can optimize processes and workflows. Field service employees also benefit, as they can focus on their most important tasks, improving customer service and reducing costs.

In addition, the Workforce Optimization application has been extended to other solutions such as HR Service Delivery, giving HR leaders a comprehensive view of their teams and operations, regardless of location. This allows them to improve task allocation and schedules based on employee competencies, manage leave requests, and provide personalized coaching and training.

ServiceNow Utah Release: Workforce Optimization u. a. für effektives Team-Management und optimierte Zeitenplanung.
ServiceNow Utah Release: Workforce Optimization for effective team management and optimized scheduling, among other things. Source: ServiceNow

Focus on the workplace and a great office experience

The Utah release also provides new tools for improved collaboration and great office experiences:

  • With Workplace Lease Administration, executives now have key data at their fingertips and insights to more effectively track contracts, make informed decisions about office space and leases, and thereby better control costs.
  • Workplace Space Management has been enhanced to make it easier for companies to redesign their offices and meet new employee demands.
  • Health and Safety Incident Management enables proactive collaboration so teams can quickly capture health and safety incidents, standardize processes, initiate investigations, and automate compliance processes, among other capabilities.
  • Log Export Service empowers IT teams to adapt for vendor-independent safety and performance monitoring.
    Better Experience with the
ServiceNow Utah Release: Log Export Service für die Vereinfachung des Security- und Performance-Managements
ServiceNow Utah release: Log Export Service to simplify security and performance monitoring. Source: ServiceNow

Better experience with the ServiceNow platform and higher productivity

For a consistently consistent appearance and experience with an organization, the Utah update in Next Experience provides the Theme Builder to customize workspaces and the pages of the ServiceNow platform. Security Incident Response Workspace provides security analysts with a central dashboard to manage and analyze data regarding security incidents. Operations managers gain role-based visibility with Operational Resilience Workspace to discover issues before they occur and then make better decisions and strengthen adaptability.

Upgrade kit for the installation of the Utah release

For a smooth installation of the latest Utah release, ServiceNow has compiled an upgrade kit with all important information. The clearly arranged PDF can be found here: ServiceNow Utah Release Upgrade Kit

The guideline includes, among other things:

  • A timeline and summary of the release support program to help you efficiently plan and implement the ServiceNow upgrade.
  • An overview of the new features in the Utah upgrade for Customer Service Management (CSM), IT Service Management (ITSM), ITOperations Management (ITOM), Asset Management, HR Service Delivery, Integrated Risk Management, and App Engine, for example.
  • An overview of the innovations for the banking, insurance, industry, telecommunications and technology sectors.

ServiceNow Utah version availability

Together, the cutting-edge new tools in the ServiceNow Utah release help organizations improve performance and achieve results faster. The latest version of the ServiceNow platform is available now. For more information, visit the ServiceNow website.

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