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ServiceNow Now Assist: Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) for Process Digitalization


Companies that are early adopters of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) are able to improve their competitiveness and more easily overcome the challenges of integrating AI models into their business processes. Find out now what ServiceNow offers with Now Assist in the area of GenAI and what advantages Now Assist has over other AI tools!

What does ServiceNow offer in the field of generative artificial intelligence?

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) and refers to systems that independently create new content and ideas based on data and user input, be it text, images or other media. In the context of ServiceNow, this means that the ServiceNow platform is able to use GenAI to generate innovative and personalized solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses. The platform integrates GenAI into various aspects of service and workflow automation, enabling companies to optimize their processes, increase performance and improve efficiency and responsiveness.

With generative AI, ServiceNow supports companies in:

  • Automation of business processes: Generative AI can be used to automate routine tasks and make intelligent decisions at the same time. This leads to faster execution of workflows and allows employees to focus on more challenging tasks.
  • Development of personalized customer experiences: By integrating GenAI with ServiceNow, companies can create personalized customer experiences. The platform analyses data and automatically generates personalized interactions, whether in customer service or in the provision of services. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Getting started quickly with generative AI: ServiceNow emphasizes the ease of use and provides practical tips and use cases on how companies can get started quickly with GenAI projects. This includes training, resources and best practices to get you started.

Now Assist from ServiceNow: GenAI for ITSM, CSM, HR service delivery and app development

With the Vancouver release, ServiceNow offers an update to the ServiceNow platform that enables companies to access the generative AI solution Now Assist in all workflows and thus benefit from the full power of GenAI in process digitalization. Now Assist integrates generative AI capabilities into workflows on the ServiceNow platform and includes generative AI features such as case, incident and agent chat summarization, virtual agent and search. These features can be applied to a wide range of scenarios and functions, so anyone from employees to agents to developers can utilize generative AI.

Now Assist is used in IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM) and HR Service Delivery and enables developers to create apps quickly.

  • ServiceNow Now Assist for IT Service Management: Provides incident summaries for quick handovers and problem resolution within the IT team. It can also help with generating and updating work notes.
  • ServiceNow Now Assist for Customer Service Management: Reduces manual work and helps resolve customer issues by quickly generating summaries for cases and chats.
  • ServiceNow Now Assist for HR Service Delivery: Improves HR team productivity, efficiency, and employee experience with instant summaries and chats.
  • ServiceNow Now Assist for Creator: Enables developers of any skill level to quickly create apps by generating code from text and code prompts.

What advantages does Now Assist from ServiceNow offer over other AI tools?

Now Assist has several advantages over other AI tools, particularly in the area of IT service management and workflow automation. Integration with the ServiceNow platform, Contextual Knowledge Management, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and proactive support make Now Assist a comprehensive and effective solution. The powerful tool not only provides self-service experiences and more accurate answers, but also the ability to integrate advanced collaboration tools and continuously improve through machine learning.

The benefits of ServiceNow Now Assist include:

  • Integration into ServiceNow platform: Now Assist is seamlessly integrated into the ServiceNow platform, creating a unified workspace for service management and AI capabilities. This integration enables smooth collaboration between human and AI-based work processes.
  • Contextual Knowledge Management: Now Assist uses Contextual Knowledge Management to provide contextual information. This means that the AI is able to understand the context of requests and offer relevant information or solutions based on this context. This enables more accurate and precise answers.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Now Assist uses advanced Natural Language Understanding technologies to understand natural language. This allows users to make queries in their normal language without having to use complex search terms or specific commands.
  • Proactive assistance and automation: One of Now Assist’s strengths lies in its ability to provide proactive assistance. The AI can actively provide relevant information, alert users to upcoming tasks, and even perform automated actions to complete certain tasks without the user having to intervene.
  • Integration of collaboration tools: Now Assist is able to integrate seamlessly with common collaboration tools. This enables interaction with the AI directly in platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, resulting in improved communication and more efficient collaboration.
  • Easy to implement and use: Implementing Now Assist is user-friendly and does not require in-depth technical knowledge. The platform provides tools and resources to help companies quickly integrate AI support into their service processes.
  • Continuous improvement through machine learning: Now Assist uses machine learning to continuously improve. The AI models learn from every interaction and adapt to new requirements and patterns. This leads to continuous optimization of performance.
  • Self-service experience: Now Assist enables a self-service experience based on real conversations. The Virtual Agent already uses AI to answer user queries with relevant articles and contributions.
  • More precise answers: Generative AI can provide more precise and clearer answers to questions, and thus reduce ambiguity for the customer. It also shortens the time it takes to solve the problem.
  • Retrieving extended knowledge: Users are no longer limited to the information within their ServiceNow applications. They can also ask questions that retrieve information outside of their company’s knowledge base.
  • Improved conversational design: Existing communication can be easily extended, or new conversations can be created with generative AI experiences through drag-and-drop functionality to solve user problems and answer questions.
  • Scalability: Now Assist is built on a scalable foundation and enables companies to transform the way they work (together) and serve their customers and partners — through intuitive, integrated and conversational AI.

ServiceNow Now Assist for ITSM and Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Now Assist for IT Service Management: In this video, ServiceNow gives you an overview of the new features of Now Assist for ITSM (ServiceNow ITSM). Learn how IT Service Management integrates rich language models into the structure of existing products such as Employee Center, Virtual Agent and Service Operations Workspace to support your business outcomes.


ServiceNow Now Assist for Customer Service Management: Thanks to generative AI, companies are not only improving their customer service, but also the overall customer and employee experience. Customers get easy access to solutions without having to search for a long time, while customer service agents can reduce manual effort and better focus on customer needs. Watch this video to learn about ServiceNow Now Assist for CSM (ServiceNow CSM), ServiceNow’s innovative generative AI solution for Customer Service Management.

Artificial intelligence on the ServiceNow platform: all the possibilities of AI at ServiceNow at a glance

The ServiceNow platform includes generative AI, machine learning frameworks, natural language understanding, search and automation, and analytics and process mining that work together to seamlessly improve employee skills and customer experience. Increase productivity, boost efficiency, improve working: see at a glance what you can achieve with AI on the ServiceNow platform. Please click on the image to see the full graphic.



Künstliche Intelligenz auf der ServiceNow-Plattform: alle Möglichkeiten von KI bei ServiceNow auf einen Blick
Artificial intelligence on the ServiceNow platform: all the possibilities of AI at ServiceNow at a glance. Source: ServiceNow

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