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BMC Helix Control-M 21.1: Update – Extension of the Framework for the Orchestration of Application and Data Workflows


BMC Helix Control-M 21.1 is the latest version of the award-winning BMC Helix Control-M workload automation platform. The update for on-premises and the cloud provides additions and enhancements to extend your framework for orchestrating application and data workflows, optimizing the user experience and improving your overall operational performance.

Following the release of BMC Helix Control-M 21, which focused on greater efficiency and improved collaboration, the Control-M 21.1 update is now available. The latest enhancement to the powerful Control-M orchestration framework delivers new features that support IT Ops teams, data teams, cloud engineers and non-IT users with the following updates:

Advanced application and data workflow orchestration with Control-M 21.1

With many new out-of-the-box integrations, you can support comprehensive orchestration of cloud services, data platforms, machine learning applications, new or custom applications, and modernisation of database plug-ins in production to deliver data-driven business results faster. In addition, existing integration capabilities will be enhanced to allow users to take advantage of new application versions and features.

New integrations and features include:

  • Application Integrator enhancements: The Control-M Application Integrator is a tool for quickly creating integrations. It now allows you to track job status after a manual abort and retrieve the output of job steps that are still running, allowing you to monitor custom integrations more closely.
    • Easily integrate new and custom applications with improved API calls.
    • Simplified communication and deeper orchestration of remote jobs, including file upload in REST.
    • Added or improved integrations: Automation Anywhere, AWS: Batch, Data Pipeline, EC2, EMR, Glue, Glue Databrew, QuickSight, SageMaker; Azure: Batch, HDInsight, Logic Apps, Synapse, VM, Data Factory; Informatica CS; Google Cloud VM; Qlik Sense, Snowflake, Talend Data Management, Alteryx Trifacta, Databricks and Azure Databricks.
    • Support for PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Improved native database plug-in functionality to quickly support more database configurations with improved JDBC connectivity: The database plug-in now supports the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver with Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2/1.3 encryption and new editions of Microsoft SQL and SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise. It is decoupled from the Application Pack to facilitate deployment.
  • Added integrations to communication suites: Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram

Improved user experience with Control-M 21.1

New UI optimizations include a display of historical workflows, an improved self-service experience and a visual site-standard mapping for non-IT users that improves IT’s ability to manage the orchestration framework in production. New change controls enable faster problem identification and resolution, shorten the learning curve and increase productivity and governance. IT can additionally refine the boundaries of the framework with new access controls. Non-IT users thus have more freedom and control to access, manage and report on their workflows.

The updates include:

  • Landing page with a new application menu to separate application areas and sharpen focus, a toolbar, and a search field for direct searching in the Support Centre. In addition, users can now right-click to perform contextual actions and define workflow links by specifying the event source, event destination and more.
  • Additional access control options: When defining user roles, IT Ops teams can add role-based controls for history reports and service level agreement (SLA) management report objects.
  • Job comparison and version management
  • Visual timeline for folders
  • Dependencies with context menu and shared dependency definition
  • Global assignment of location standards to folders

Increase operational efficiency, security, and optimization with Control-M 21.1

New and updated features include optimized computing performance, simplified workflow replication and support for file transfer compliance requirements, reducing the management costs of larger decentralized teams. This enables IT Ops teams, data teams and cloud engineers to accelerate business results, comply with regulations and security standards, and improve overall performance.

Also new:

  • Oracle Cloud Storage Integration: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage has been added to the number of cloud storage providers natively supported, so IT Ops teams, data teams and cloud engineers can now transfer multiple files to and from it in parallel, making it easier to orchestrate modern workflows. It also enables the use of Secure Shell (SSH) public key authentication, Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 and Google Cloud Storage transfers with data encryption at rest.
  • Advanced Managed File Transfer/Enterprise features: Managed File Transfer/Enterprise administrators can now assign default root folders to individual external users, give external users specific access rights to folders and subfolders, and even delegate folder management to external users. In this way, companies can protect external partners’ data from unauthorised access and ensure compliance with established business processes. In addition, administrators can better filter, block and control access based on IP addresses.
  • New dashboard for Workflow Insights: Workflow Insights users have access to a new dashboard that provides detailed insights into user actions to increase automation and reduce human interaction. The dashboard details the top ten user actions and provides insights into user actions by client type (AAPI, web, desktop) and by application, sub-application, host and more.
  • Job template creation and management
  • Ability to load balance across any infrastructure to utilize processing power and accelerate execution with workload policies
  • Windows Agent installation in parallel with Helix Control-M and on-premises

Webinar-on-demand BMC Helix Control-M 21.1

Agility can make the difference between success and lagging behind. Control-M 21.1 can help you extend your orchestration framework, increase security, efficiency and optimization, and improve the user experience inside and outside your organization. Watch the BMC Helix Control-M 21.1 webinar-on-demand now and learn the highlights of Control-M 21.1 in this video:

Go to on-demand webinar BMC Helix Control-M 21.1

BMC Helix Control-M: free trial of the workload automation solution

BMC Helix Control-M helps you deploy new applications faster, simplify the orchestration of application and data workflows, and gain greater visibility and control over file transfers. Try the award-winning, leading workload automation solution BMC Helix Control-M for yourself now, free of charge and guided by an integrated tutorial, and discover how you can accelerate innovation while keeping application workflows running smoothly: Try BMC Helix Control-M for free

Personal advice on Control-M from BMC Software

Do you have questions about BMC Control-M 21.1, or would you like more information? Contact us now, our experts for Control-M are happy to help you: Personal advice on Control-M from BMC Software




BMC Helix Control-M 21.1: Enhancing Freedom Within the Framework
Introducing Control-M 21.1: Expanding Freedom Within the Orchestration Framework

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