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Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2 – Latest Updates for the Orchestration Framework


The long-awaited update for BMC Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2 is here! These releases bring a host of enhancements and new features that extend your orchestration framework, increase operational efficiency and improve productivity through self-service workflow orchestration.

What is BMC Control-M?

BMC Control-M is an award-winning workload automation platform that enables you to automate IT processes and orchestrate application workflows — on-premises as BMC Control-M, as a service as BMC Helix Control-M, in the public or private cloud or hybrid.

New functions of Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2

The update for Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2 includes the following new features:

  • Increased operational efficiency
    • Tighter integration with Kubernetes: Users can now easily orchestrate application and data workflows within Kubernetes clusters to benefit from scalability, efficient resource utilization, high availability and cluster agility.
    • Processing rules in Managed File Transfer/Enterprise: These allow automatic actions to be triggered based on conditions at different stages of external file transfers. In addition, there is now support for variables for key fields in referenced folders to eliminate duplicate definitions and adapt job attributes to different environments.
    • Decoupled installation of integrations and API package for more flexibility during upgrades.
  • Enhanced application and data workflow orchestration framework: Advanced integrations with new cloud platforms and data technologies, as well as enhancements to Application Integrator, can deliver modern cloud/data services faster and ensure a smooth transition of mainframe applications to the cloud.
    • Integrations with cloud analytics, resource management and mainframe migration tools, such as GCP, AWS and Azure.
    • Enhancements for the Application Integrator: These include new authentication methods for Alibaba and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and new features for continuous monitoring after agent restarts, step iterations and restarts.
  • Optimized user experience: Non-IT users now have more freedom to innovate, while IT manages the orchestration framework through enhancements to the web interface and access controls. These enhancements shorten the learning curve and improve productivity.
    • New web interface features: These include a file transfer dashboard, timeline view and workload change manager functionality.
    • Web interface enhancements for faster configurations: This includes an improved web interface for faster configurations, including management of remote hosts and agents/hosts, shout destinations and global conditions.
    • Improved automation API features, including high availability management and the ability to run jobs without prior definition.

Webinar on Demand on Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2

BMC Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2 are packed with new features and integrations for orchestrating application workflows. Watch this webinar recording from BMC Software on the 21.2 update and learn more about the new features for Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M!

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Free trial version BMC Helix Control-M

Curious about how it feels to make business processes more efficient with BMC Helix Control-M? Get your free trial version of the workload automation platform BMC Helix Control-M now and try it out right away!

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Personal advice on Control-M from BMC Software

With Control-M and BMC Helix Control-M 21.2, you are ready to increase the efficiency of your business processes and accelerate your digital transformation just like other companies. Do you have questions about the 21.2 update, or would you like more information? Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation, our experts for Control-M will be happy to help you!

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