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FROX Supports the Brunau Foundation Zurich: Targeted Training for Young People with Performance Limitations


FROX supports the Brunau foundation who trains young women and men a physical or mental impairment for the

The Brunau Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Zurich. To ensure that young people with a physical or mental impairment have a chance on the job market and are on an equal footing, the foundation has been training more than 70 young people in the fields of business administration, IT and logistics for over 65 years. So that the trainees can gain a lot of practical experience and be trained close to the business world, the foundation offers corresponding services such as association administration, IT support, accountancy or order processing (online stores).

In addition, the Brunau Foundation runs a trust office with protected office workplaces. People who cannot work in the free economy after an illness or a longer stay in hospital work there. A regular working day helps them to actively participate in working life and to be part of society.


FROX supports the Brunau Foundation, a non-profit organization whose commitment is to offer young people with a physical or mental impairment a chance on the job market.With its commitment, the Brunau Foundation is committed to the education of young people with performance limitations and their integration into the job market. ©Brunau Foundation

Our commitment to the Brunau Foundation

As a service company, we know how important it is to have well-trained employees in the team and to promote targeted training and further education in order to be successful in the long term. Equal opportunities, diversity, respect and non-judgmental cooperation at eye level play a very important role for us. We are convinced that with our commitment we can make an important contribution to today’s society, but also to future generations, as well as to the personal and professional development of people and their integration into the job market. This is what the Brunau Foundation is committed to, and this is what we are also committed to. We support the Brunau Foundation with a donation and thank the entire team for their great commitment.

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