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Axon Ivy 10: The Next Generation Of Process Automation


The latest version of Axon Ivy, version 10, is here! It is fully cloud-enabled and comes with a new process editor, a “marketplace” for interfaces, a customizable dashboard, an intuitive user interface and MS Teams integration: The tenth generation of Axon Ivy’s process automation solution is dedicated to the maxims of scalability and user-friendliness.

With the release of version 10 of the Axon Ivy platform, Axon Ivy AG is introducing significant innovations, both in the design environment for developers and in the end-user portal: The process editor, in which business analysts and process managers design processes, has been completely revised both visually and structurally.

Another innovation is the so-called “marketplace” for system interfaces. It allows companies to easily and seamlessly integrate various third-party IT-systems. Predefined interfaces are available here for users. And with so-called connectors, interfaces can also be built independently and made available to a community.

Andreas Balsiger, Head of Product Management at Axon Ivy, explains: “Our new marketplace allows users to quickly and easily develop connectors themselves. These can be used again in other projects across the entire range of processes, which paves the way for huge economies of scale.”

Axon Ivy’s platform architecture is now comprehensively optimized for cloud operation. Balsiger comments: “Demands in terms of scalability and the high availability of software products are constantly increasing, and not only at major clients. As a result, it must be possible to operate systems in the cloud dynamically and in a resource-efficient way.” Axon Ivy customers will also receive improved testing with version 10 to take account of the rapid changes in processes in the digital age and to ensure the integrity of business processes.

Intuitive operation for a perfect user experience

Axon Ivy version 10 portal dark
The new portal in Axon Ivy 10 is customizable. Source: Axon Ivy
Axon Ivy version 10 portal light
Source: Axon Ivy


On the end-user side, Axon Ivy has paid particular attention to user-friendliness: The portal impresses with a visually redesigned interface and can be operated even more intuitively. Users can now customize their dashboard and set up their desktop according to their own needs. For example, different tasks can be divided into different lists to separate them according to areas or priorities.

Another new feature is MS Teams integration, which allows users to access the Axon Ivy Portal through the Microsoft platform too.

“No tool is able to solve all problems, which means different technologies have to be organized and synchronized with each other. As a result, the role of the process automation platform as an orchestrator will become increasingly important. With version 10, we have laid the foundations for an Axon Ivy platform featuring fully integrated additional technologies, with everything coming from a single source”, Balsiger says.

Our Axon Ivy specialists are excited about brand new user experience and enthusiastic about the new features in Axon Ivy 10. Do you have any questions on the update or about process automation in general? Our digitalization specialists will be happy to answer your questions:

Find more information and check out other new features of Axon Ivy version 10.

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