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Warm up and reach your destination safely: With pilot projects and success analyses, you can achieve pinpointed and effective automation

Improve user experience, accelerate time-to-market or reduce costs: Process automation is always a milestone on the path to the digital transformation of a company. But where should you, as the person in charge, start with the automation in order to build and expand your digital business in a meaningful way? The most burning questions: How can process automation be viably put into action ? First pilot projects have been successfully completed, but which priorities and what timeframes should be set for further process automation? Which technology to support and execute the automation of business processes is right for my company and how does it fit into my existing system landscape?

Our solution for your swift start with business process automation

For a long time, process automation was almost exclusively an industry topic. Today, it is relevant to every business. The reason for this is the technological progress, which constantly enables new digital services. On the customer side, a completely new standard has developed. Companies that want to remain competitive need to align their business process modeling and remain agile in the long term to be able to respond flexibly to new requirements. To achieve this, the following basic approaches and starting points have proven to be effective:

Implement pilot projects
We recommend starting with small pilot projects in order to build up internal know-how and gain experience in the real-life environment.
Test and improve
An ideal testing process should be simple, add value, and protect the business from potential risks. Depending on the result it can be flexibly optimized.
Create a roadmap
An exact analysis of your process landscape makes it possible to categorize the processes with regard to their simplicity and their added value and to prioritize them in a roadmap.
Select technology
When evaluating the technology resp. solution for business process automation, the existing system landscape and the automation roadmap must be taken into account.

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Our FROX Services

As an expert in ITSM and digital transformation, we support you in designing and governing your IT processes so that they become the engine of your business.

Our Consulting Services
FROX shows you how you can improve the operational added value and the innovative strength of your IT long-term. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive consulting services:

Solution and system integration
You have a heterogeneous IT landscape and would like to harmonize it? You need a partner for the initial implementation and roll-out of a platform? Then get to know our methodical integration preparation.
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Customized Business Applications
You need new applications for your business or want to expand existing ones? With profound know-how and a lot of experience, we can develop your tailor-made business application according to your specific requirements.
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Operation & Support
Do you want to outsource the operation of your ITSM platform or business applications? Need support for your IT services? For this purpose we offer 24/7 accessibility and a flexible adaptation to your operating and support needs.
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Our agile approach corresponds to the new, quick rhythm of the digital transformation: Instead of investing months or years in the planning and development of a solution, we get going right away. Our experts analyze with the client the challenges and needs, translate new innovative ideas in a sustainable concept – and implement an initial functional solution within the shortest timeframes. Directly thereafter follows the further development and optimization in multiple efficient steps.