FROX Management

Jürg Achermann

Jürg Achermann, is a graduate electrical engineer and business economist...
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Hans Oberholzer

Hans Oberholzer is a graduate electrical and industrial engineer...

Herbert Ender

Herbert Ender has over 20 years of experience in the IT service industry...

Marc Heller

A graduate economist, Marc Heller began his career in ICT...

The FROX Team

Alejandro Schmid

Alexander Sampedro

Romy Fitzi

Jonas Büchel

Lead the field in a strong team.

Teamwork is very important to us! Because only with the right team can we handle projects successfully, develop ourselves and still have fun in the process. See if there is a suitable vacancy for you!


Our values and guiding principles

Agility and fair play determine who we are and what we do.

We deliver and live quality in all aspects of our work. For our customers, employees and partners, we provide services that we can stand behind.
In our complex work, everyone depends on their team, customers and partners - at FROX you can count on every single employee. Because for us reliability is the basis for trust and good cooperation.
Our curiosity is the fuel for innovation. Curiosity lets us learn new technologies and strategies with fascination. Thus we always stay one step ahead.
Taking the initiative for us means not being afraid of change. Thus we bring out the best from ourselves and our team.
We are called when solutions for IT are sought. Every day we meet new challenges for which we want to find the perfect solution.
Mutual appreciation is the core of teamwork and partnership. We work honestly and transparently. We are convinced that diversity and collaboration lead to the best solutions.
Stable & Agile
Stable and agile – for us this is not a paradox. A stable foundation that leaves room for long-term customer and employee relationships and provides the structures for agile action to respond to change quickly and adaptively.

Our Mission

For IT services, FROX has made it its goal to radically reduce the hurdles in business processes. Thanks to our agile approach, new solutions can be developed and implemented within the shortest timeframes. The deployment of flexible technologies and methods enables quickly a functional solution that is gradually optimized. Simultaneously, as many process steps as possible get automated. Thanks to this, adjustments to new challenges are possible at any time. Thus we bring our customers to the start extremely fast (Going Live). This also significantly reduces costs - a real competitive advantage!