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Optimize your IT processes and achieve an end-to-end IT-business alignment by combining the theoretical ITIL world with practical knowledge

In order to successfully manage IT services in the long term, IT processes in companies must be continuously optimized. There are many challenges to overcome and pitfalls to avoid in this process: ITIL specifies what to do, but says little about the maturity of each process in relation to the size and scope of the business. Therefore, a dogmatic optimization according to ITIL carries the risk that the company requirements remain ignored. If the core processes are not defined exactly, the requirements of the business to the IT are not clear and no functioning IT infrastructure can be implemented. Another problem is processes defined in too much detail that are not complied with due to their complexity or the associated level of effort needed. If quality and compliance with the IT service processes are not measured, no actual-target analysis can take place, which makes optimization impossible.

Our solution to optimize your IT processes

Nearly every IT service process can be optimized. However, a truly meaningful optimization requires an exact prior analysis of the optimization potential as well as the expected, actual added value of the targeted process change. The business requirements, the company-specific goals and the IT-business alignment must be in the focus of every process optimization. For the design and implementation, we offer following solution approaches:

Combining ITSM and ITIL
Our many years of project experience in the field of ITSM enable us to supplement the theoretical ITIL world with the necessary practical knowledge. This allows us to tailor processes to the specific needs of your organization while applying standards and regulations such as ITIL, TOGAF and IT4IT.
Definition of Core Processes
As part of the process optimization conception a clear definition of the core processes takes place. On this basis, the service delivery can be designed according to the business requirements.
Focus on Added Value
Introducing and optimizing processes is a balancing act between complexity and maturity. We help you find a meaningful balance in the definition of your processes, which offers added value to everyone involved.
Definition of KPI's
We define meaningful KPIs. This provides you with a tool that enables you to check the quality at any time and, if necessary, include further optimizations in your process roadmap.

ITSM Assessment Service

Goal-oriented, individual, trend-setting: Our ITSM Assessment provides you with concrete optimization suggestions, with which you can quickly navigate your IT business and IT management onto the successful path

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As an expert in ITSM and digital transformation, we support you in designing and governing your IT processes so that they become the engine of your business.

Our Consulting Services
FROX shows you how you can improve the operational added value and the innovative strength of your IT long-term. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive consulting services:

Solution and system integration
You have a heterogeneous IT landscape and would like to harmonize it? You need a partner for the initial implementation and roll-out of a platform? Then get to know our methodical integration preparation.
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Customized Business Applications
You need new applications for your business or want to expand existing ones? With profound know-how and a lot of experience, we can develop your tailor-made business application according to your specific requirements.
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Operation & Support
Do you want to outsource the operation of your ITSM platform or business applications? Need support for your IT services? For this purpose we offer 24/7 accessibility and a flexible adaptation to your operating and support needs.
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Our agile approach corresponds to the new, quick rhythm of the digital transformation: Instead of investing months or years in the planning and development of a solution, we get going right away. Our experts analyze with the client the challenges and needs, translate new innovative ideas in a sustainable concept – and implement an initial functional solution within the shortest timeframes. Directly thereafter follows the further development and optimization in multiple efficient steps.