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Process Digitalization At Swisscom: ITSM Customisation Offloading With Camunda


For Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, we developed an application based on Java, React and the Camunda BPMN Engine, with which interface services can be defined and managed in a low-code approach in order to use them seamlessly in the Camunda BPMN Engine. This allows Swisscom to efficiently outsource a large part of its custom code from the ITSM platform to the Camunda platform. The result is more efficient and easier to control processes through the functionality of the Camunda BPMN platform as well as a de-cluttering of the ITSM standard platform, allowing for shorter upgrade cycles and more reliable operation with reduced operational effort.

«A highly elegant solution that combines the power of Camunda with excellent low-code features. Now our developers can build new interfaces in a fraction of the time they would need by writing Java code.» Lucas Almeida da Silva, Produkt Owner ESM Organisation, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG.

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