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A Warm Welcome To You: Péter Komáromi

Welcome aboard. Tell us a little more about yourself!

When did you start at FROX?

I started on July 4, 2022.

In which position do you work at FROX? What are your tasks?

I work as a Technical Consultant in the ServiceNow area, which means I implement solutions and advise customers on ServiceNow.

Where did you work before? What experience do you have?

I was working for three multi-national companies before, for about 12 years in total. My experiences are mostly centered around software development and testing on multiple platforms. I also enjoy helping others as a Scrum Master, team leader, mentor or trainer.

Péter Komáromi Technical Consultant ServiceNow FROX AG
Péter Komáromi – Technical Consultant ServiceNow at FROX AG

Why did you decide to join FROX? What are your goals?

I wanted to continue working with ServiceNow, but in a slightly different way than before. Here at FROX, I have the chance to work on both green-field custom implementations and close to out-of-the-box setup for various customers. I am aiming for improving my high-level overview of systems, architectures and solutions we are working with, while keeping close cooperation with the people around me.

What do you like most about your job?

The blue FROX socks and the team around me. Both make my days! But seriously, the team we have here is refreshing and fun to work with. I love coming into the office.

We would also like to know something about you as a person. What excites you besides work? Where do you find your balance?

I like all aspects of gardening: Planning and building the garden, growing vegetables, and fixing whatever my kids have destroyed in there.

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