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Noser Group Is One Of The 100 Strongest ICT Companies 2022 In Switzerland


In the ranking of the 500 ICT companies with the highest turnover in Switzerland in 2022, the Noser Group defends its previous year’s position and is once again one of the 100 strongest ICT companies in the country, ranking 98th.

The Swiss ICT industry was able to find its footing surprisingly quickly after the Covid 19 crisis and return to its previous growth. The biggest driver is likely to be the increased level of digitization, which on the one hand involves the establishment of hybrid working models in many industries, and on the other hand is giving the cloud business a boom. The current trend barometer “Top 500” of the ICT business magazine Computerworld clearly shows this. According to this, the Noser Group is ranked 98th for the second time in a row in the ranking of the 500 ICT companies with the highest sales in Switzerland. This positive result underlines that the Noser Group with its independent subsidiaries AKROS, Bucher + Suter, DANEXiS, FROX, Noser Engineering and Noser Young continues to be correctly positioned and that the sustainable growth strategy is the right path. Noser Group – #strongertogether!

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