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Digital Naturalization Process Canton Of Zurich: “eNaturalization” For Simpler Processes And Better Cooperation With Municipalities


Digital naturalization process in the Canton of Zurich: FROX customer project “eNaturalization” with the Municipal Office of the Canton of Zurich

Gemeindeamt Kanton Zürich LogoIn the canton of Zurich, 7,500 naturalization applications are submitted each year. The clarifications are complex and are carried out by the Cantonal Municipal Office, the municipalities concerned and the federal government. Until now, the applications were submitted as physical dossiers and had to be distributed and processed organizationally. Keeping track of the ongoing cases and knowing the status of processing at all times was a major challenge. An integrated workflow solution should support all persons involved in the process with electronic dossier processing and enable processing without media discontinuity.

FROX developed the naturalisation solution for the municipal office of the Canton of Zurich based on the Axon Ivy platform. With this solution, naturalization applications (ordinary naturalization, facilitated naturalization and release from civil rights) are now processed electronically. Applicants submit applications for naturalization via the ZHservices platform. The information in the application is largely provided in the form of structured data instead of documents. This allows maximum flexibility in the electronic processing of the information and minimizes the storage space required and thus also the associated costs.

This digitization project achieved various goals, such as making it easier to provide information to applicants or third parties and making it easier to obtain the necessary information from third-party registers. The Municipal Office of the Canton of Zurich now also has a better overview of applications, processes cases on the basis of structured data (away from document handling) and benefits from cooperation with the municipalities without media discontinuity. Read more about the digital naturalization process in the details of this customer project with the Municipal Office of the Canton of Zurich:

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