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Combine ITSM And ITOM To Solve Your Biggest IT Problems – Free E-book From ServiceNow


The changes in personnel and processes have revealed acute deficits in IT systems and IT approaches. IT decision-makers are struggling with the following problems, among others: high costs due to attempts to adapt IT, non-scalable IT and poor service experience. Due to new market opportunities, the proliferation of hybrid work, and a focus on agility, most IT leaders are now seeking change and are open to new perspectives.

One way to address such issues is to combine the two IT domains of IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM). By doing so, organizations can reap important benefits: strengthen collaboration between these two teams, achieve significant improvements, reduce costs, scale IT service efficiently, and improve the service experience – even as technology services are expanded.

ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM e-book: 5 remedies for the top IT pains – topic overview

As an official partner of ServiceNow in Switzerland, we offer you this e-book from ServiceNow for free. In it, ServiceNow explains how you can leave ever-growing IT budgets, inefficient work, and inadequate IT services behind and instead save money, increase employee productivity, and shorten resolution times. Topics include:

  • Consolidate on a single platform: Why you get more reliable service and operations management data when ITSM and ITOM run on a common platform.
  • Reconsider your IT Service Management strategy: How to support your ITSM strategy with the right solution.
  • Let the machines do more to power automated remediation: How ITSM and ITOM issues can be automatically and quickly resolved by computer.
  • Focus on what your agents, employees, operations, and service team members really need: Why you should provide your employees with satisfactory service for their requests and needs.
  • Deliver a single view across IT to better optimize workforce effectiveness and processes: How a unified capture system can give you a real-time view of ITSM and ITOM activities, enabling you to optimize staff and processes.


Enable continuous transformation and optimal resilience with unified service and operations management and download the e-book for free now to take full advantage of the combination of ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM!

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