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E-book: More Agile By Orchestrating Applications And Data Workflows With BMC Control-M – 3 Customer Stories And Free Trial


Managing critical application workflows with multiple scheduling and workload automation tools introduces unnecessary risk and complexity. This mix of disjointed tools is hard to scale as businesses grow. If you want to eliminate risk, increase agility and reduce complexity in your organization, adopting a single platform to orchestrate applications and data workflows is the way to go.

BMC Control-M: Plan workflows efficiently, automate IT processes easily, orchestrate application workflows

BMC Control-M from BMC Software is an award-winning workload automation platform that lets you automate IT processes and easily orchestrate application workflows – on-premises (as BMC Control-M), as a service (as BMC Helix Control-M), in the public or private cloud, or hybrid. The powerful software helps you efficiently plan, manage, monitor, and optimize workflows so that digital services and applications are delivered faster, workflows execute reliably, errors are minimized, and service level agreements (SLAs) are improved.

Newsroom E-Book BMC Control-M 3 Kundenbeispiele Orchestrierung von Anwendungen und Datenworkflows FROX AG
E-book BMC Control-M: Orchestrating Applications and Data Workflows – How three companies accelerated their digital transformation by migrating to Cotnrol-M. Source: BMC Software

E-Book BMC Control-M: 3 Customer Examples – Topic Overview

In this e-book, BMC Software shares how three companies accelerated their digital transformation and consolidated their workflows by migrating to BMC Control-M. Topics include:

  • Improving mainframe applications and integrating cloud technologies
  • Supporting growth through an improved automation environment
  • Streamlining automation to improve overall business functions

Read through the free e-book now to learn how you too can become more agile and reduce complexity with a single platform for orchestrating applications and data workflows.

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Free trial: SaaS Application Workflow Orchestration with FROX

Do you want to accelerate innovation while keeping application workflows running smoothly? With BMC Helix Control-M, you can deliver new applications more quickly, simplify application and data workflow orchestration, and get more visibility and control over file transfers all with the added benefits of SaaS.

Start your free trial and explore features such as:

  • Building, defining, scheduling, managing, and monitoring production workflows
  • Automating internal file transfers
  • Transforming application development with Jobs-as-Code

Discover the possibilities with BMC Helix Control-M with FROX and get your free trial now!

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