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ServiceNow Tokyo Release: More Efficiency For IT, More Security For Business


The Tokyo release of ServiceNow provides AI-powered tools that significantly simplify the work of IT teams and further protect data, workflows, and processes. As a result, IT works more efficiently and the enterprise can develop more productive, secure business models. In times of increasing threats, ServiceNow offers intelligent automation and risk management solutions, a version of the ServiceNow platform that addresses exactly these challenges.

ServiceNow Vault: Protecting Data All Around

For companies that are storing more and more data in the cloud, data security and data protection play a major role. ServiceNow offers the exciting new Vault, a data vault designed to protect business-critical ServiceNow applications and confidential data in workflows. It uses native platform encryption, flexible key management, and data sanitization to ensure that data is kept anonymous. In addition, the protection of computer credentials is simplified and the authenticity and integrity of the code on the MID server is confirmed. This is to ensure that no malicious code can be added. Vault also allows organizations to export their ServiceNow system and application logs as a service in near real-time. Vault’s encryption and anonymization capabilities provide more flexibility and control over how sensitive data and applications can be protected. Organizations that need to comply with data protection regulations and still ensure high-performance applications greatly appreciate this flexibility.

DevOps Config: Avoid failures

Configuration errors can cause serious and widespread outages in the cloud. With DevOps Config, DevOps teams get an extension in the Tokyo release to minimize outages caused by configuration changes and avoid associated revenue losses by making software and services more reliable. To do this, configuration data is managed in a single repository. Thanks to management in a central point, as well as access control and real-time validation of configuration changes, the risk of outages can be significantly reduced. The DevOps Config extension is included in ITSM Pro.

ITSM Pro+: Improve Chatbots

In IT Service Management, ITSM Pro+ extends digital tools for employees as well as customers, supporting not only with all the features of ITSM Pro, but also with advanced analytics, dashboards and the new end-to-end Virtual Agent Optimize (VAO) service. VAO provides dialogs for chatbots that are continuously improved using Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Real-time optimization enables companies to provide their virtual agents with the most accurate responses as quickly as possible.

Automation Center: Monitor automation, evolve hyper-automation

With Automation Center, IT teams have an overview of the automation landscape – in a central hub and independent of vendors. This allows them to not only monitor ServiceNow’s own automations, but also gain insight into third-party automations. By integrating automation islands from different vendors into one view, Automation Center enables the further expansion of hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation: Efficiency at a higher level

While traditional automation tends to be about automation within a specific business application, hyperautomation aims to bring together individual automated processes into a cross-departmental business process, even if those processes use different automation technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) or robotic process automation (RPA). In practice, an automated process would be, for example, the automatic ordering of a product as soon as its stock level drops to a predefined lower limit. This order would be executed independently by the enterprise resource planning system. With hyperautomation, the order would also independently trigger actions in sales and marketing to market the product.

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