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ServiceNow Tokyo Release: Better Employee And Customer Experiences, Higher Automation And More Security


ServiceNow has released the latest update to its ServiceNow platform that helps users do more with less. The primary focus of the Tokyo release is to create better employee and customer experiences, increase automation, build trust in operations, accelerate value creation and improve security.

The Tokyo release of the ServiceNow platform delivers new digital, fully integrated workflow automation solutions that increase the power of the platform to create seamless experiences, continuously generate new value, drive innovation and help employees do their best work.

Tailored solutions to drive more value

To help businesses be more agile, resilient, and focused on growing in our digitized world, the Tokyo version provides capabilities to extract more value from technology investments – simplifying complex supply chains, automating asset management, and providing auditable sustainability data to investors.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): EAM automates the entire lifecycle of physical enterprise assets from planning to retirement for industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing and the public sector. The solution helps reduce costs, mitigate risks and improve strategic planning by providing visibility into the company’s entire asset inventory. It also optimizes inventory levels for the business and ensures efficient operation of warehouses to better utilize existing assets and maximize asset life.

Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM): SLM enables companies to transform traditionally laborious supplier interactions handled through emails and spreadsheets into modern, digital experiences. This enables teams to reduce operational costs and leverage their strengths into building a more resilient, diverse, and high-quality supplier base. With SLM, suppliers use self-service experiences to get help and route frequent requests to the appropriate teams.

Environmental, Social and Governance Management (ESG): ESG has been enhanced to enable companies to set and document ESG goals and KPIs, track performance, collect and validate auditable data, and produce disclosures that align with key ESG reporting frameworks, all in a single end-to-end solution. Key features include Carbon Accounting for calculating greenhouse gas emissions and an innovative user interface that helps companies efficiently meet increasing ESG data requirements.

Increase engagement and productivity through outstanding experiences

Employee engagement is more important today than ever before. Engaged, productive employees contribute significantly to the success of customers and businesses. The Tokyo version helps companies prioritize their most valuable resource, their employees, with new tools that drive talent development and retention, benefiting the entire organization.

Manager Hub: Manager Hub addresses the biggest issues facing managers, such as burnout and the increasing pressure to keep employees happy and engaged in distributed teams. Available through Employee Center Desktop and Mobile, Manager Hub provides managers with a centralized location to set up and review Employee Journeys and respond to requests, while providing personalized resources and training to help managers grow as leaders.

Admin Center: Admin Center, as part of ServiceNow Impact, enables system administrators to easily discover, install and configure ServiceNow solutions through a self-service feature. The new Adoption Blueprint provides a guided process that offers administrators application recommendations based on instance maturity, better insight into application permissions, and easier application installation and configuration – all within their instance application.

Issue Auto Resolution for Human Resources: Issue Auto Resolution for Human Resources (HR) extends the capabilities of Issue Auto Resolution for ITSM to HR teams. The solution applies Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to analyze requests and deliver self-service content that meets employees where they are through channels such as Microsoft Teams, SMS and email. Further, urgent HR cases are identified and routed directly to an employee relations representative when a higher level of support is required.

More intelligence and trust for operations and security

According to Gartner, software infrastructure spending in the PaaS, cloud management and security segments is expected to grow at double-digit rates, reaching a total of more than $120 billion by 2026. At the same time, protecting data and business-critical applications has become more complex in an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. ServiceNow is elevating data security and intelligence with new capabilities to strengthen security implementations across the enterprise.

ServiceNow Vault: ServiceNow Vault protects mission-critical ServiceNow applications with a set of best-in-class platform privacy and security controls. With flexible key management and data classification to anonymize data, Vault enables organizations to protect sensitive data and comply with regulatory requirements through native platform encryption. Vault also enables enterprises to enhance the security of their platform by simplifying the management and protection of machine credentials and validating the authenticity and integrity of code deployed on the MID server to ensure no malicious insertion. Vault also enables organizations to export their ServiceNow system and application logs at scale and in near real-time as a service.

Availability of the ServiceNow Tokyo version

The latest release of the ServiceNow platform provides organizations with new capabilities to address complex business challenges in an economically uncertain environment. The Tokyo release is available immediately. For more information, visit the ServiceNow website.

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