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Consumer Study 2024: Brand Loyalty Drops Significantly – What Swiss Consumers now Expect from Customer Service


In an ever-changing and competitive business world, it is becoming increasingly challenging for companies to maintain customer loyalty. The ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024 sheds light on consumers’ current expectations of customer service. This study provides valuable insights into the factors that influence brand loyalty and offers strategies on how companies can respond.

ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024 shows: Brand loyalty is declining sharply

The ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024 looks at the challenges in customer service and customer expectations in the EMEA region. It also surveyed 1,000 consumers in Switzerland, whose responses we focus on in this article.

The study results show that 71% of Swiss consumers state that they are less brand loyal today than they were two years ago. This figure reflects the general trend in the countries surveyed in the EMEA region: overall, 78% of consumers report being less brand loyal today. According to the consumers surveyed in Switzerland, this is due to financial reasons (35%), growing competition and the resulting greater choice of brands (19%), but also to disappointing experiences with brands and companies (15%).

71 % der Schweizer Verbraucher sagen, dass sie heute weniger markentreu sind als noch vor zwei Jahren. Quelle: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024
71% of Swiss consumers say they are less brand loyal today than two years ago. Source: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024

Fast contact with customer support required

The demands on customer service are high. In addition to fast, real-time support (84%), Swiss customers expect to be able to choose the right communication channel for them (77%) and use self-service (64%) when contacting customer service.

Ein schneller Support in Echtzeit (84 %), den passenden Kommunikationskanal wählen (77 %) und einen Self-Service (64 %) nutzen zu können, sind für Schweizer Verbraucher besonders wichtig. Quelle: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024
Fast, real-time support (84%), choosing the right communication channel (77%) and being able to use self-service (64%) are particularly important to Swiss consumers. Source: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024

Support from customer service employees remains important

In terms of communication channels, 16% of respondents in Switzerland prefer to interact with customer service via email, 16% contact customer service employees via online chat and 14% pick up the phone directly. The study makes it clear that human interaction in customer service is still important for Swiss consumers, even though generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) can already improve many aspects of customer service.

E-Mail, Online-Chat mit Mitarbeitenden im Kundenservice sowie das Telefon sind die beliebtesten Kommunikationskanäle, über die Schweizer Konsumenten mit einem Kundendienst in Kontakt treten. Quelle: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024
Email, online chat with customer service staff and the telephone are the most popular communication channels used by Swiss consumers to contact customer service. Source: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024

GenAI accepted in customer service

Acceptance of GenAI-based chatbots in customer service (72%) is high among Swiss consumers, and more than half of those surveyed would like AI-driven, precisely personalized product recommendations to be standard in customer service by 2050 (59%).

Umfrageergebnisse der Schweizer Konsumenten zu verschiedenen Aspekten der Customer Experience.
Survey results of Swiss consumers on various aspects of the customer experience, including the use of AI-based solutions in customer service. Source: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024

Combining people and technology and optimizing the customer experience

According to the survey, Swiss consumers expect seamless customer service (93%), a high level of problem-solving expertise (93%) and fast response times (90%) more than ever before. In order to meet these demands, it is important to combine people and technology in the best possible way.

Across all respondents in this study, it is clear that chatbots and intelligent search engines are accepted for general information, but many consumers prefer direct contact with service employees for more complex issues.

Bei der Customer Experience kommt es im Kundendienst auf die Balance zwischen menschlicher Interaktion und Technologie an, so das Ergebnis der Konsumentenstudie von ServiceNow 2024 in der EMEA-Region.
The customer experience in customer service depends on the balance between human interaction and technology, according to the consumer study in the EMEA region. Source: ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024

Findings from the Consumer Study 2024: 3 recommendations for customer service

To win back and strengthen customer loyalty, companies should

  • Develop customer experience strategies: Customer service should take proactive rather than reactive measures aimed at long-term customer experiences in order to strengthen customer loyalty and provide a modern customer experience.
  • Optimally combine people and technology: Depending on the situation, customers should be able to choose the right communication channel for them and decide whether they want support from employees or AI solutions such as chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Offer personalized experiences: Customer data should be used effectively and responsibly to create personalized and value-added experiences.

The ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024 makes it clear that despite economic uncertainties and technological advances, the human element in customer service must not be neglected. Companies in Switzerland should focus on providing a balanced and personalized customer experience to succeed in an ever-changing market landscape.

About the ServiceNow Consumer Voice Report 2024 study

Between January 3 and 11, 2024, ServiceNow and Opinium Research conducted a survey of 15,000 representative adults from various countries. Respondents came from the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The survey explored their behavior and expectations of good customer service, as well as their suggestions on how companies can improve their customer service. This study can be found on the ServiceNow website.

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