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Lightstep Incident Response From ServiceNow: Reduce Downtime And Respond To Incidents Faster


Handle incidents faster and seamlessly orchestrate alerts, notifications, and planning to reduce downtime: Lightstep Incident Response addresses where software engineering teams need to act quickly and decisively. ServiceNow’s solution helps companies manage incidents with greater speed, agility and productivity.

Downtime can cost businesses, especially those with customer-facing services, a lot of money and diminish customer confidence. When developers sometimes receive tens of thousands of alerts per day, it’s often difficult for them to prioritize and handle them efficiently, let alone avoid downtime. Often, development teams use multiple tools to prioritize alerts and handle incidents. In doing so, they must painstakingly and, most importantly, manually gather information and the right people to analyze and resolve an issue. This is important time they lose in actually handling an incident. Efficient incident management processes are the key to success here, and Lightstep Incident Response from ServiceNow is the solution that enables developers to respond quickly to incidents.

Benefits of Lightstep Incident Response from ServiceNow

With Lightstep Incident Response, you can, among other things:

  • Ensure a reliable response workflow and simplify and unify their work along with on-call, alert, and incident management workflows.
  • Reduce response time and respond to incidents faster as automated response workflows standardize resolution actions as well as collaboration processes, and real-time monitoring capabilities provide clear visibility.
  • Benefit from usage-based pricing where you pay for the number of active services, rather than each license, regardless of the number of users.

You can easily integrate Lightstep Incident Response into the ServiceNow platform. This helps DevOps teams connect with platform teams to collaboratively deliver reliable services across your enterprise.

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