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E-book “Leadership Trends Report: Technology Excellence” By ServiceNow


2022 Leadership Trends Report by ServiceNow

With the 2022 Leadership Trends Report, available as a free e-book, ServiceNow takes a look at the trends, challenges and opportunities that will define IT excellence starting in 2022. Looking ahead, ServiceNow provides a roadmap for innovation and automation.

Leading technology companies have adapted over time to changing success factors such as cloud migration and supporting hybrid work. But enterprises are increasingly relying on technology to drive business based on innovation for digital transformation. This is only possible with strong IT that unifies access and processes.

Learn more about technology trends, challenges, and priorities, such as automating IT services, transforming security operations, and reducing IT resource costs, in ServiceNow’s free e-book “Leadership Trends Report”.

ServiceNow e-book "Leadership Trends Report"
E-book “Leadership Trends Report” by ServiceNow. Source: ServiceNow


  • Trends: How skills shortages, a focus on the IT core and the new role of IT as a driver of business transformation are shaping the IT of the future
  • Challenges and opportunities: What does the future hold – for CIOs, CISOs and in service management, operations management and asset management?
  • A practical example: How one company saves $350,000 a year with IT asset visibility
  • Next steps: How to drive business growth with a digital-first approach

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