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Guide to Automating Away IT Processes from ServiceNow – 4 Success Factors to Achieve Goals


Many companies are so busy trying to keep operations running as usual that they simply don’t have the time to think about optimization. In the process, they continue to use outdated systems and complicated processes. In this free e-book, ServiceNow presents the four key success factors you can use to leave all that behind and make lasting improvements to your company’s IT processes. Take a look with us as an official partner of ServiceNow in Switzerland at the factors that will be of great importance for IT work in the coming years and learn how you can achieve your business goals.

E-Book by ServiceNow: Guide to automating IT processes – overview of topics

With the help of this e-book, you can review your own organization’s IT situation, define your business opportunities and next steps to optimize IT processes and drive business growth with a digital-first approach. Topics include:

  • Automating and optimizing service operations: Reimagining seamless, always-on technology services no matter what comes your way.
  • Accelerating software transformation: Fast-tracking software innovation across the enterprise through the at-scale adoption of leading-edge architectures and delivery practices.
  • Transforming security operations: Automating critical collaboration between IT, security and risk teams on data and processes, enabling them to scale faster and remediate threats – quickly and effectively.
  • Reducing software, hardware, and cloud costs: Systematically managing the complete technology asset lifecycle to reduce costs and mitigate asset risk.
E-book by ServiceNow Guide to automating away IT processes FROX AG
The four most important success factors for sustainably optimizing IT processes and achieving business goals – now in the free e-book by ServiceNow. Source: ServiceNow


Say goodbye to old paths and drive change instead: Download the practical guide incl. suggestions for exciting ideas and steer your IT processes in a new direction!

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