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E-book “ITIL 4 in 10 minutes” by ServiceNow: an Overview of the Principles of the Standard Framework for ITSM


What is ITIL 4 and how can ITIL 4 improve your ITSM? The e-book “ITIL 4 in 10 minutes” from our technology partner ServiceNow gives you an overview of the latest version of the world’s most popular framework for ITSM best practices and shows you how to improve your IT Service Management using ITIL 4.

ITIL 4, the successor to ITIL 3, reshaped much of the established ITSM practices in the broader context of customer experience, value streams, and digital transformation, and incorporated new ways of working such as Agile, DevOps, and Lean. This guide to ITIL 4 explains the principles of the standard ITSM framework.

Das E-Book «ITIL 4 in 10 minutes» von ServiceNow – Leitfaden zu ITIL 4, dem neuesten ITSM-Framework.
ServiceNow’s e-book “ITIL 4 in 10 minutes” – guide to ITIL 4, the latest ITSM framework. Source: ServiceNow


E-book ITIL 4: Overview of topics

  • ITIL Service Value System with its 5 elements Service Value Chain, Management Practices, Governance, Guiding Principles, and Continual Improvement
  • ITIL Service Value Chain with its 6 activities Plan, Engage, Design and Transition, Obtain/Build, Deliver and Support, and Improve
  • Overview and definition of the 34 ITIL 4 Management Practices

Download the guide to the latest ITSM framework now for free from us as an official partner of ServiceNow in Switzerland:


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