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BMC Helix Knowledge Management: How to Create and Manage Knowledge Properly in Your Organization


BMC Helix Knowledge Management (by ComAround) cloud-based, AI-powered knowledge management software is specifically designed to document expertise within organizations and make it easily accessible to employees (e.g., customer service and HR) and customers (e.g., when searching for product information, transactions, and sales funnel processes). Verified on Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) v6, the latest, highest industry standard for knowledge management methodology, the solution supports real-time translations in over 100 languages, an extensive library of knowledge articles on popular office applications, and seamless omnichannel integration.

In late 2020, BMC Software, a leading technology company in the service management space, announced the acquisition of ComAround. ComAround, a software company, optimizes the customer experience with its world-leading cloud-based knowledge management and self-service solution using cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). ComAround’s expertise in knowledge management and BMC’s award-winning Helix service and operations portfolio are a powerful combination for organizations to enable their employees across all disciplines and in customer-facing positions, as well as their customers, to easily and quickly access needed knowledge and answers to common questions.

How BMC Helix Knowledge Management optimizes access to knowledge across the enterprise

Support departments play a special role in many companies, as their work has a significant impact on the customer experience and thus on the company’s image. As a communication channel, they have the task of providing answers to common questions and solving problems in a short time. The key to success here lies in structured knowledge management, so that answers can be found quickly via self-service and service desk employees can quickly access up-to-date relevant information in the desired language and become more productive. However, efficient knowledge management is not only relevant in support, but in all areas of a company. It helps both employees internally and customers by collecting, sharing and keeping knowledge up to date. Companies that rely on a shared knowledge culture support their employees, for example, in completing their tasks efficiently, promoting transparency and actively participating in the creation of knowledge. Today, powerful knowledge management solutions such as BMC Helix Knowledge Management are also indispensable from the customer’s point of view, e.g. in online stores and customer portals. With them, customers can find the right answers to their questions in the shortest possible time, which has a direct impact on the customer experience and thus on customer satisfaction and relieves the burden on customer support.

Know-how is a form of capital in companies. Ensuring access to knowledge and information with the help of knowledge management software is therefore a key concern for managers in different areas of the company:

  • Customer support: handling of all customer concerns
  • Sales: management of product information
  • Product Development: documentation of updates
  • IT Support: all support requests for employee problems and questions
  • HR and Training: onboarding of new and training of existing employees

Knowledge stored centrally in the company and accessible to all support staff improves collaboration across different teams. If teams cannot collaborate optimally and access the same knowledge base, they unnecessarily complicate their work by, for example, creating knowledge articles about standard products of which several versions may already exist. As a result, employees are not as productive and satisfied as they could be when it comes to efficiently handling requests and managing knowledge. BMC Software and ComAround address this challenge with BMC Helix Knowledge Management, an efficient knowledge management tool that ensures seamless and intelligent knowledge sharing across the enterprise, across different channels and teams.

What is BMC Helix Knowledge Management?

The foundation of BMC Helix Knowledge Management is the cloud-based, AI-powered knowledge management software ComAround KnowledgeTM.  ComAround Knowledge is verified on Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) v6, the latest, highest industry standard for knowledge management methodology. The solution allows knowledge articles to be created, published, maintained and easily searched, giving employees and customers access to a knowledge base with easy-to-find answers to common questions and the ability to quickly solve problems themselves – with real-time translations in over 100 languages. It delivers the right information at the right time, powers chatbots as well as virtual support assistants, and efficiently organizes an organization’s knowledge. The tool integrates easily with existing ITSM tools, is intuitive to use (no training required) and ready to go. In combination with BMC Helix Chatbot and BMC Helix ITSM solutions, companies work more efficiently, agilely and customer-oriented with intelligent knowledge management.

Advantages of BMC Helix Knowledge Management

With BMC Helix Knowledge Management, organizations can:

  • Resolve support cases up to 60% faster
  • Minimize the number of support cases by about 50% thanks to self-service and thus invest more time in solving complex problems
  • Resolve 40% of support cases during the first customer contact
  • Significantly increase employee and customer satisfaction
  • Save support costs

BMC Helix Knowledge Management features

BMC Helix Knowledge Management offers the following features:

  • AI-based search across multiple sources with filters, tags, synonyms, autocomplete, autocorrect, and text analytics (text suggestions: “Did you mean…?”) that intuitively interprets a user’s input to speed and improve search.
  • NLP-based language analysis that captures the full context and delivers personalized results.
  • Real-time translations of knowledge articles into over 100 supported languages – less time as well as cost spent on translations and better service experience in the desired language.
  • Predictive support and avoidance of knowledge gaps and knowledge obsolescence through reporting and analytics based on real-time user data – with immediate feedback and recommendations for action.
  • Out-of-the-box library of hundreds of ready-to-use knowledge articles for standard applications such as Windows, Mac OS, Outlook, Office 365, Adobe, Google, Java, etc.
  • Quickly and easily publish, edit, and import knowledge articles, as well as create video tutorials or import existing videos directly in the knowledge article.
  • Seamless omnichannel integration for faster and more efficient support throughout the support flow – for self-service on all devices such as desktop and mobile or during interactions with chatbots.

BMC Helix Knowledge Management in use at Volvo and Electrolux

Numerous companies around the world use BMC Helix Knowledge Management to overcome support challenges and provide a better service experience for their customers. Volvo and Electrolux also rely on BMC Software’s solution.

Volvo Car Sweden: faster customer support, higher satisfaction

Volvo’s customer care center did not have a structured method for handling customer requests. Employees had to search the Internet, manuals and files for information. The knowledge gathered was difficult for employees to find, not searchable, and became outdated after a short period of time. Uncertain about whether the information was relevant and trustworthy, they also repeatedly turned to their colleagues who had the necessary expertise. As a result, they could not rely on the stored knowledge. BMC Helix Knowledge Management now supports Volvo’s Customer Care Center in collecting existing and new knowledge, structuring it, keeping it up-to-date, and making it easily accessible and searchable quickly. Thanks to the standardized, scalable, easy-to-use and quickly installed solution, the Customer Care Center is able to respond quickly to customer inquiries and access central knowledge to find solutions. Employee and customer satisfaction has improved significantly.

Electrolux: more self-service, fewer support calls

Electrolux, a manufacturer of household electrical appliances, set a goal to improve the customer journey and time to publish web-based self-service knowledge articles with a unified knowledge tool that could be integrated into their overall IT infrastructure. After implementing BMC Helix Knowledge Management in Electrolux’s customer support operations, customer satisfaction scores increased tremendously and self-service website traffic increased 130 percent in one year, while the number of service calls dropped significantly. Thanks to the automation capabilities of BMC Helix Knowledge Management, the time to publish a knowledge article is now only 90 minutes instead of 40 days. Using the machine translation feature, knowledge articles can be translated in real time into more than 100 languages, massively minimizing Electrolux’s cost and time to translate and publish knowledge articles. As a result, Electrolux can provide new knowledge in a short period of time and help customers access the information they need, when they need it. Watch the video of BMC Software and Electrolux on YouTube!

Questions about BMC Helix Knowledge Management?

Do you have questions about BMC Helix Knowledge Management and how you can optimize your service desk? Our BMC Software experts will be happy to take the time to show you the possibilities for your project. Let us know what challenge you want to tackle - whether you just want to find out more or you already want to hit the ground running.

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