Mobile solutions.

A world without mobile devices and applications is no longer conceivable. Functions such as telephony, messaging, e-mail, camera, wake-up call, social media and entertainment have become a matter of course in private life.

Mobile applications: on winning streak in the business environment as well

The importance of mobile applications continues to increase in the professional environment as well. Companies invest in the development of apps and platforms, creating a new user experience for customers and employees. In addition to user-friendly applications, data security and the highest possible availability are the most important tasks for IT managers.

BYOD: Bring your own Device

Many companies provide a "bring your own device" service, BYOD for short. Modern employees need to have access to the business data with all their devices in order to work on it - anywhere and anytime. However, if the mobile devices are outside the corporate network, there is no access. Even locally stored files on the device can not be retrieved. To ensure availability nonetheless, many employees move documents to their private Dropbox or similar cloud storage. In addition, the private mobile devices are also used privately. This demands a lot from IT, because with BYOD concepts, in addition to the loss of control over the files, the risk of data loss is also to be addressed.

Mobile apps: inextricably linked to the digital transformation

With regard to the digital transformation, mobile solutions play a key role, because new OFFERS are often provided as mobile solutions. This starts already with websites and web shops, which are required nowadays to be "fully responsive", that is - all functions can also be used without restriction on mobile devices. Although there is a clear consensus on the expectation side, mobile applications are far from having arrived in all companies. The reason for this, in our experience, are primarily two challenges.

Obstacle course for mobile solutions: what slows companies down


Even if a company wants to become active in the area of mobile solutions, those responsible do not find an answer to the questions: How can we offer our customers genuine added value with a mobile app? Are there any new business models or services that can be handled through a mobile application? The ideas for innovative, digital and mobile offers are simply missing.


There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the complex technical issues: What does the employee need on his mobile device so that he can work more productively? How can the quality and speed of business processes be optimized? How can security be guaranteed?

The Implementation: test run and training plan for long-term success

As soon as the concept for an app is completed, technical aspects have to be clarified: native app vs. responsive web, constant performance, security and integration of backend systems. Even after the launch, the mobile application must not simply be forgotten. An app management needs to make sure, with continuous optimizations that the services and user experience remain at a high level. Otherwise, the company risks the application not being used anymore and wasting its investment in the app.

Prepare well - and score big points with mobile solutions

Where does your company have potential for new digital services that will fascinate your customers? Which mobile applications can bring you a sales increase? How do you approach the design of new mobile offers? Which technical aspects have to be taken into account? How can a new app be integrated? How is data security and data availability ensured with BYOD? The FROX experts answer this for you.

Workshop: Get Digital Ready

Digital Transformation: Learn how you can carry out the digital change in your company step-by-step.


The FROX Services

As an expert in ITSM and digital transformation, we support you in designing and governing your IT processes so that they become the engine of your business.

Consulting Services
FROX shows you how you can improve the operational added value and the innovative strength of your IT long-term. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive consulting services:

Solution and system integration
You have a heterogeneous IT landscape and would like to harmonize it? You need a partner for the initial implementation and roll-out of a platform? Then get to know our methodical integration preparation.
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Customized Business Applications
You need new applications for your business or want to expand existing ones? With profound know-how and a lot of experience, we can develop your tailor-made business application according to your specific requirements.
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Operation & Support
Do you want to outsource the operation of your ITSM platform or business applications? Need support for your IT services? For this purpose we offer 24/7 accessibility and a flexible adaptation to your operating and support needs.
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Quick start with focus on the finish line

Our agile approach corresponds to the new, quick rhythm of the digital transformation: Instead of investing months or years in the planning and development of a solution, we get going right away. Our experts analyze with the client the challenges and needs, translate new innovative ideas in a sustainable concept – and implement an initial functional solution within the shortest timeframes. Directly thereafter follows the further development and optimization in multiple efficient steps.