Benefits of a BPM platform

A BPM suite enables the integration and automation of in-house and external processes with the supporting IT services and solutions. When all measures are directed in the same direction, you optimize the efficiency of your business operations. Further advantages include:

Cost efficiency

Agile Business

Continuous process optimization

Customer Focus

Employee Satisfaction

Smart BPM solutions

Automate your business processes with the smart BPM platforms of Appway and Axon Ivy


Appway is a leader in Client Onboarding in the financial industry. With the Appway solution, the digitization of business processes is advanced and scalable and reliable applications are developed. Due to the completely intuitive operation, existing processes can be adapted and optimized quickly. Developing and running a scalable enterprise application across multiple systems and departments is very simple.

Axon Ivy

Axon Ivy's BPM Suite covers all process lifecycles, thus providing a solution for modeling, implementation, monitoring, analysis and optimization. With the integrated solution platform, business processes can also be automated seamlessly and reliably. AxonIvy acts as a central tool for controlling processes and workflows in companies.

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Advantages of process automation

Business process automation has become an integral part of companies' digital transformation. The technological development today makes it possible to adapt automated processes with little effort, in order to react agile to market changes. Further benefits of business process automation include:

Shorter lead times

Manual work steps are often more time-consuming and usually have to be executed linearly. Automated processes, on the other hand, can be executed simultaneously and above all with higher speed.

Transparency of work processes

Automated business processes are controlled by previously defined workflows. Thus you keep an eye on timelines and bottlenecks and can always review goal fulfillment based on set KPIs.

Process Documentation

Your processes are recorded digitally and form the basis for optimization and control of the existing processes. This creates transparency and greater efficiency.

Quality and Consistency

Manual steps may cause errors. If the workflows are set up correctly, then all tasks are executed identically. This ensures high quality and reliability.

Improved Service Quality

Your services to customers and employees are improved by automating your processes, thus resulting in increased satisfaction.

Reveal Cost Reduction Potential

The speed and quality of automated business processes has a positive impact in terms of cost savings. In addition, inefficient processes can be identified and optimized at any time. Thus, the costs can further be continuously reduced.

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