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One of the most important steps in achieving the required degree of digitization in the company is the automation of business processes. It has a profitable effect on the entire value-added chain of your company. Automation addresses issues that companies often face: vulnerabilities and bottlenecks in business processes and their negative consequences. Customer service consumes many resources and misunderstandings between customer service agent and customer burden the business. Tedious and manual processes have emerged historically and rob qualified staff of valuable time and nerves. Changes in the market and in customer behavior lead to processes quickly becoming obsolete and their documentation - and automation - is no longer worthwhile. Strict industry guidelines require additional process steps and verification of compliance.

Our approach to create an added value through digital transformation for you

Due to the rapid technological development and the changing customer expectations, a digitalization of processes and services is required in every company. This necessity should not be seen as a burden, but as an opportunity. For a gradual, well-planned digitization is not just an end in itself - it brings additional, strong benefits to your company. So it's worth analyzing the potential that lies in automating your business processes. Thus you receive concrete statements and reliable forecasts regarding the added value of your possible or planned automation efforts. Following starting points are fundamental for this:

Improve customer experience
We define the relevant points of contact in the entire business and analyze the automation potential of the underlying work processes. Customer processes can be optimized by, for example, reducing processing errors, visualizing the status of a service, or shortening support response time.
Process automation
Meaningful and cleanly automated processes make work easier and increase satisfaction among your employees. Manual tasks no longer have to be executed, leaving more time for exciting and strategically relevant projects. In addition, automated business processes simplify the collaboration between departments, as the process status is always visible to everyone involved.
Increase agility
Automated processes can be quickly adapted to new requirements. This allows companies to stay agile, respond quickly to new market needs and customer expectations, and align their internal processes accordingly.
Simplify Compliance Management
Automated processes simplify compliance management because the occurrence of errors gets reduced and work steps are documented completely automatically. This is a decisive advantage, especially in highly regulated markets.

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Do you need support to create added value through digital transformation for your business? As an expert in ITSM and digital transformation, we support you in designing and governing your IT processes so that they become the engine of your business.

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FROX shows you how you can improve the operational added value and the innovative strength of your IT long-term. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive consulting services:

Solution and system integration
You have a heterogeneous IT landscape and would like to harmonize it? You need a partner for the initial implementation and roll-out of a platform? Then get to know our methodical integration preparation.
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Customized Business Applications
You need new applications for your business or want to expand existing ones? With profound know-how and a lot of experience, we can develop your tailor-made business application according to your specific requirements.
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Operation & Support
Do you want to outsource the operation of your ITSM platform or business applications? Need support for your IT services? For this purpose we offer 24/7 accessibility and a flexible adaptation to your operating and support needs.
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