IT Service Management of the future

In the digital world, change becomes the rule

Every company needs to adapt its business processes to market needs and new customer requirements - more often, ever faster. The ongoing changes require an even closer cooperation between IT and business in the future: an optimal business-IT alignment.

Aligning IT Services with business processes

The focus of the collaboration between the IT department and the business executives will continue to be the important, success-critical topics:

  • Aligning IT services with business processes
  • Automation of IT services
  • Continuous IT process optimization
Companies must establish agile and cost-efficient business processes in order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing markets. This can only succeed if the goals of business and IT are precisely aligned.

Support business goals with value-adding IT services

The central task of IT is no longer the mere operation of a stable infrastructure - IT should promote and support company goals with value-added services. For ITSM, this means working on the design and further development of IT services that meet the business needs. In addition to the technical challenges, we see above all two central issues that must be addressed in the successful alignment of IT services to the business processes:

Building mutual competencies of ITSM and Business

The ITSM and business domains need to build up mutual competences to avoid misunderstandings and disruptions in the project work. A uniform language and terminology ensures, on one hand, that the business can define the requirements clearly and realistically. On the other hand, IT can only fulfill its role as an innovator, if IT leaders have a full understanding of the business processes and company strategy.

IT is requested: participate proactively in processes shaping

The quick pace of change, driven by competitive influences, subjects companies in a continuous change. It must be avoided that the IT managers only meet the new requirements with delays and remain in a reactive position. This can be achieved with systematic management, ongoing status analyses and determination of the adjustment needs.

So IT has to do proactive, conceptual preparatory work and proactively look for conversation with the business. Thereupon, concrete measures can be defined, such as the joint development of business processes, mutual training or job rotation. In this way, IT can decisively participate in shaping the success of the company and leverage its strategic leeway.

Automate IT processes - increase service quality

Modern ITSM solutions allow process automation at a high level. Frequently repetitive tasks or redundant processes should be automated. That way, you increase efficiency, save costs, and enable your employees to work smarter, not harder.
This increases the agility of your IT department: Highly qualified employees are no longer blocked by trivial tasks and can focus instead on strategic topics. At the same time, the error of manual tasks is reduced, which significantly improves the quality of service. This is confirmed to us again and again by numerous customer projects

High process quality: the basis for high customer satisfaction

In order for the IT processes to be successfully automated, the utilized technological solutions must first be intelligently integrated. Only then can a clean process automation take place. Standard frameworks such as ITIL help to ensure high process quality - and to design them in such way that they remain flexible in the future and offer all employees and customers genuine added value.

What automation potential lies in your company? How can you gear up today for the demands of tomorrow? What should you take into account to keep up with digital transformation? The FROX experts provide answers to this for you.

ITSM Compass

Goal-oriented, individual, guiding: Our ITSM Assessment provides you with concrete optimization suggestions, with which you can quickly navigate your IT business and IT management onto the road to success.

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