Digital Business Transformation

Everything stays different. The need to change remains constant!

The digital transformation is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. Companies that can act flexibly and offer innovative, comfortable solutions make the race!

It has arrived: the "Digital Business Transformation" is in full swing

Most companies in Switzerland know that there is no way around the digital transformation. More than 70% of Swiss companies even assume that the importance of digitization will continue to increase in the future. This is shown by the results of the 2015 Digital Switzerland Study. The majority of companies see digital transformation as an opportunity for their business. Companies must establish agile and cost-efficient business processes in order to remain competitive long-term in the rapidly changing markets. This can only succeed if the goals of business and IT are precisely coordinated.

Agility, flexibility, openness: that puts you ahead

According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), digitally-based companies generate 26% more sales. Successful companies today are able to act flexibly and react quickly to new market needs and customer requirements. They always offer innovative and comfortable solutions and are open to new business models.

The measure of all things: the wishes of the clients

The digitally successful companies have understood what the modern, knowledgeable, well-connected client of today wants. He doesn’t just want to get a product or service - he wants to get enthusiastic. With surprising or simple solutions to his problems. With offers tailored exactly to his needs. The buyer wants to be able to obtain those solutions – products or services - in a timely manner, without having to make a great deal of effort.

Digital Transformation: It offers you real opportunities

It has already been said: the digital transformation offers far more opportunities than merely increasing efficiency by converting paper processes into digital processes. We are at all times right on the pulse of the rapid digital development. And we see in the real market environment, what really relevant opportunities become available to all companies - including SMEs - who are willing to approach their digitization proactively.

Big playing field: 6 areas for your digital start

Our practical experience shows: companies that become active in these 6 areas can withstand the tough competitive pressure of digital markets:
  • Processes: Optimize core processes and break up historically grown silos
  • Products and customers: launch innovative products and services
  • People: Build up new expertise through investment in employees
  • Technology: replace outdated IT infrastructures with new technologies
  • Business Model: Develop new business models and test them on the market in a timely manner
  • Culture: Living a culture of innovation to support the digital transformation

Where do you stand today - where do you want to be tomorrow?

What potential does your company have for digital business? What innovative, digital services can fascinate your clients? What competitive advantages can you secure through digitization? With which digitization strategy do you successfully steer your business into the future? FROX experts provide an answer to all of this.

Workshop: Get Digital Ready

Digital Transformation: Learn how you can carry out the digital change in your company step-by-step.


The FROX Services

As an expert in ITSM and digital transformation, we support you in designing and governing your IT processes so that they become the engine of your business.

Our Consulting Services
FROX shows you how you can improve the operational added value and the innovative strength of your IT long-term. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive consulting services:

Solution and system integration
You have a heterogeneous IT landscape and would like to harmonize it? You need a partner for the initial implementation and roll-out of a platform? Then get to know our methodical integration preparation.
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Customized Business Applications
You need new applications for your business or want to expand existing ones? With profound know-how and a lot of experience, we can develop your tailor-made business application according to your specific requirements.
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Operation & Support
Do you want to outsource the operation of your ITSM platform or business applications? Need support for your IT services? For this purpose we offer 24/7 accessibility and a flexible adaptation to your operating and support needs.
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Quick start with focus on the finish line

Our agile approach corresponds to the new, quick rhythm of the digital transformation: Instead of investing months or years in the planning and development of a solution, we get going right away. Our experts analyze with the client the challenges and needs, translate new innovative ideas in a sustainable concept – and implement an initial functional solution within the shortest timeframes. Directly thereafter follows the further development and optimization in multiple efficient steps.